Super Duper Kyle is coming to Radford

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Ola Elshaar |

Although his music is incredibly refreshing and gives you beat to it, I think Kyle is an unfairly underrated rapper. Students at Radford are just excited ever since the word has spread that he is coming to perform at Radford University.

I honestly haven’t heard of this talented guy until about three days ago. When I started listening to his music, I felt like he is having fun with it. He is just doing his own thing, and obviously what he likes, and doesn’t care about anything else.

Kyle Thomas Harvey was born on May 18, 1993, in Ventura, California. Better known by his stage name Kyle and formerly known as K.i.D, according to Wikipedia

He is signed to Indie-Pop and Atlantic Records, and his breakout single “iSpy” with the American rapper Lil Yachty was a hit. “I think his music is no different, I don’t see anything that could attract me to be a fan,” said Kayla Whitey.

Kyle’s music is enjoyable; you can’t just listen to it and sit still without dancing or shaking your head. None of his songs is a letdown, all of his tracks that I have listened to so far have this positive fun vibes. Like his song, ‘Really?’ Yeah!’ when you watch the music video of this song it has the 90s feel to it with all those colors in the video starting from Kyle’s clothes and the people who perform with him, till the decor. It was well filmed, and it didn’t even hit the five thousand views.

Courtney Peter, a junior at Radford University, said, “That’s pretty cool that he is coming to perform here, I haven’t heard that much of his music, but I think iSpy was cool.”

To me, Kyle is the happiest rapper, his music worth to be paid attention for, some of his songs like ‘Really? Yeah!’ Worth more than 4,240,686 views. Another one I liked was ‘Doubt It.’ Turns out that iSpy was a one-hit wonder, but his flow is refreshingly different.

“I know he is a rapper,” said Sasha Lewis, a freshman at Radford University. “His songs ain’t about drugs and girls because we are tired of this sh**. I think his music is straight to the point; it’s good to see him at Radford.”

One of Kyle’s songs I would recommend is’ Keep it Real’ where it starts with this beautiful piano scale. The song is from 2013, but it’s still a hit. Even the music video’s vibe is old vintage style, which makes it unique. “I’ve heard that he is coming soon to Radford, that’s exciting. I think his music is fun to listen to,” said Ashley Conor, a senior at Radford University.

I’ve read people’s comments saying things like Kyle is trying to copy Drake, and he is just average. I even read this girl’s comment on YouTube, which said, “Kyle has to give it up. He is never gonna be Drake.” I think Kyle is himself, his music, his voice, and his music videos are just different and only represent him, and reflect how fun and positive he is.