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Summer jobs for students

Maggie Brown

I think I can speak for all college kids when I say we are broke. We go the whole year paying for books, school loans, and daily necessities. So, when we have that three-month break, some of us like to get a job to earn back some money for the next year. Now, everyone is different when it comes to the expectations of a summer job. Some summer jobs are to die for, and some may make you want to die inside. You have the regular jobs at the local movie theater in your town, working as a camp counselor for a summer camp, and of course working at McDonald’s.

Summer jobs are not glamorous as they are in the movies. You most likely will be working your entire summer away while doing some unenjoyable hard labor. Here are five of my top picks for the perfect summer jobs for students.

One job is being a babysitter, house sitter, or pet sitter. This may be a tedious job, but it can pay off quickly. Another job is being a writer. You can put your talents to work and get paid for it. You could be a blogger, a journalist, or even work for the local newspaper in your area. Being a tutor is another option. Maybe you are a brainiac who wants to share your knowledge with someone who needs it; this could be perfect for you. The fourth option is being a summer camp counselor. This one is my personal favorite because everyone should go to a camp at least once in their lives. If you want to have a fun summer, this may be the way to go. Lastly, you could try getting a job as a lifeguard. This job may be more challenging than it sounds, but you could get the perfect tan while on duty.

For the last couple summers I have been working at a state park near my hometown, and it as been fun. I have met new people and got to spend time outside. This summer, I plan to work at a Boy Scout summer camp as an outdoor skills instructor. I am very excited about this transition. I also talked with another student here at Radford, Brooke Shamblin, about what her expectations for a summer job would be. She said, “I think something fun, and outdoors so you’re in the sun and enjoying the summer weather are two things I look for in a summer job. I think being a lifeguard would be cool because you would be out in the sun and around people. Another cool idea would be doing an internship, or doing a summer job based around your major, that way you could be getting experience.”

Nobody wants to spend their summer working, but sometimes you just have to do it. So, why not do a job that you like? Life is too short to be doing anything you do not love, so take it from me, try to get a job you enjoy this summer.

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