Time to shine bright in white with style that talks


As I was walking out of Heth I noticed bright white capris and an adorable lace and blue top making it impossible not to ask freshman Katie Wingfield about her style.

Q: What brands are the pants, tote and shirt you are wearing?

A: Pants are Bullhead/Bermosa brand, Miami is the shirt, and Long Champ for the tote.

Q: What made you pair these items together?

A: They seemed “springy” to me and matched well!

Q: How do you feel about spring time weather and dressing for it?

A: Spring time is one of my favorite seasons, I love dressing in warmer weather clothes.

Q: How would you label your personal style?

A: Hipster? Vintage? I don’t know!

Q: What is one trend you are LOVING for spring?

A: I love all of the colored-capris!


Wingfield’s casual and cute style is a great way to take on the fresh spring weather.

Radford weather is ever changing as we all have come to know and this outfit helps brace against the breeze, but is still breathable if the sun decides to heat up the afternoon.

When incorporating white pants, capris, or shorts into a look always have a POP of color to counteract it.

Any color will work whether it be red, blue or purple. The color options are never ending.

The other thing to be mindful of is what you are eating and where you are sitting because white clothes do not care for food splatters or dirt.