Style That Talks: Look Out Lumberjacks

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Photographs taken by Marlee DeAngelus

University ranks in the top 10 design programs in the nation according to Design Intelligence and that can be clearly seen by the style of their students.

I spotted Chris Salmon walking to McGuffey Hall sporting an almost Lumberjack-feel style, which of course came with a flannel shirt.  However, Salmon had put his own spin on the look so he did not look like a grizzly man, but a preppy country man.

His style was encompassed by a unique Casio watch, “Cali Ed” Vans that had a similar look to Bean Boots and a light chocolate leather jacket made by Legendary Goods.

“I feel that people match too much and it looks too uniform,” said Salmon during our discussion on what he wants to see in the fashion on RU’s campus.

Salmon definitely nailed this fact on the head with how uniform some individuals’ styles have become. Take a college campus for instance; all you see is hoodies, leggings, Bean Boots and the ever so popular North Face. Yes, these clothes are practical, warm and comfy, but these pieces lack in style points.

Now, with a day as cold and grey as this one, it was a ray of sunshine to see style within the comfort and practicality of an outfit.

When asked what the biggest necessity in a man’s closet was, Salmon quickly answered with, “A good pair of boots (dress, combat, etc…)! And flannel!”

Flannel, on the contrary is not just for Lumberjacks, even if they did start this trend. Along with that, these shirts are not just for women.  Flannel is the perfect way for a man to add style, color and pattern to a “would be dull” outfit.