Style File, edition one: Peyton Stanley

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Rachel Kidd

Hey Highlanders, what’s up? Once a month I’ll be on campus hunting for a student (like you!) with impeccable style. This month I was walking past McConnell when I came across this fashionista. Peyton Stanley is a freshman art major that loves fashion. I couldn’t help but to notice her in this fun, layered outfit, and just had to ask if she could sit down and chat for a bit. Here’s some style inspiration from Miss Stanley.

Rachel: Okay Peyton, so picture this: It’s 7:50, and you’re running late for your 8 a.m. with no time to get ready: What’s your go-to clothing item?

Peyton: Black body-con skirt: It works for everything, is super comfortable, and makes even just a casual T-shirt look a little trendier. Mine is actually a tank top but I just tuck the straps in and wear a belt, and it works!


R: Who is your biggest style icon?

P: Kirsten Dunst! I just really like her style, it’s so down to earth and comfortable. I guess also because people have told me I look like her all my life.


R: What’s your favorite part of this outfit?

P: I really like the black shirt I have on underneath because it’s totally versatile and it’s really soft. I could wear it all the time!


R: Where do you like to shop?

P: When it comes to accessories, most of what I own belonged to my grandmother, and now that the vintage trend is making a come back, I’ve started wearing a lot of that. I love Free People and Urban Outfitters. Everything in this outfit is from La De Da in Roanoke Virginia, with individual pieces by Free People, Black Swan, and Frye.


Peyton definitely had some helpful tips and tricks for all you fashion lovers on campus. Comfort is so important when you’re on campus running around from class to class to Starbucks to class, and you don’t need to forgo comfort for the sake of style.  Peyton is a pro at layering oversized, bulky pieces in a just organized enough way. Oftentimes, the looser fitting the clothing, the more comfortable you will feel! That doesn’t mean you have to wear a feed sack around campus, but find the pieces that simultaneously make you look and feel awesome! It’s all about locating that middle ground (somewhere between sweats and stilettos!) With that in mind, you’re ready to rock the rest of your week in style! Until next week, you stay classy, Radford.