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Studying abroad is a topic that almost every college student has heard about. Whether through friends and family, professors or staff who actually run these adventures, most everyone knows about at least one study abroad experience. But what exactly is studying abroad, and how can you make it work for you?

Studying abroad is when students from one country go to visit another country and do something related with school. This can be a faculty led program, where teachers from Radford University teach here for a few weeks, then both students and teachers go over to another country for a few weeks to learn first hand about the culture and how it relates to the topic that they are studying. After traveling in another country for a few weeks, the class then comes back to RU for a final exam/test to make sure the students learned what they needed to on this trip.

Studying abroad also involves going to another college or university in another country for either a semester or an academic year, depending on what the student wants to do and how long they want to stay. This program can really help students go out into their country of choice and learn about the culture. What happens in that country’s everyday life that is new and unique? Are there different holidays that are celebrated that we don’t know about? These questions and more can be answered during a students stay in another country while they are working on that class that will be credited at RU.

Studying abroad is an exciting and fun filled adventure, but it is also a long process in order to be able to go. First you must decide which program you want to go on and what countrycountries you wish to visit. After this there are several applications, making sure that you have nothing terrible on your record, and that you have the GPA and actual wish to go on this program, since so many people from around the world are trying to study abroad every year.

However, don’t worry, because the International Education Center is here to help with any questions that you may have about studying abroad and the process of actually getting accepted into a program and going overseas. Staff and students are more than willing to help you figure out where you might like to go, which classes can help your major, and help develop a timeline so that you know when certain application deadlines for programs are. There was recently a study abroad fair last week, which showcased all of the different trips a student can go on, showing where they would be journeying and what specific major a certain trip might help with. Presentations were held on how to finance a trip and all of the things you may need to take into account in order to actually study internationally, whether with a teacher or at a host University.

Studying abroad is an experience that every student should be able to participate in, and sometimes the first step is just seeing what options are out there. So go exploring, experience a new way of life. You just might find a new passion.

-Ellie Hawthorne

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