Student voices heard for future campus events


We all know that if there’s something fun happening on campus, it was probably R-SPaCE who organized the event. But how do they pick what students want? This past week R-SPaCE held a fall semester planning party, open to all students!

Heth hosted about 30 students who showed up to the highly advertised event. The room was set up with a couple tables organized into a big square, and then one long table along the wall full of delicious food.

Junior Stephanie Johnson attended the planning party and was pleased that R-SPaCE was opening their doors to student opinions.

“It’s not only the person that’s in charge that makes the decision, so students get to have input,” said Johnson.

The meeting began at 6:30 p.m. after we all filled our plates with chicken, pineapple and cookies. After the meal ended, a big packet was passed around the table along with a small box of pencils — the classic take one and pass it on.

I took my packet and my pencil, and my first reaction to the stapled stack of paper sitting in front of me was, “Oh my goodness . . . we’re going to be here forever,” but I was wrong. I was walking back to my car before the sun had fully set.

On the pages, there were different categories, and under each category there was an event, performer or movie with a row of numbers from one to five. We then talked about each possible event and gave it a rating, which R-SPaCE will take into consideration while planning these upcoming happenings in the fall.

We watched YouTube clips of some performers, and comedians and a couple other entertainers. There were pages of movie theme weekends, my favorite being Harry Potter, and they even have possible plans for a zip line!

R-SPaCE holds a planning party every semester to get input from students on what they want to see happen on campus. They hope to see you next semester!