Student reactions to mandatory two year on campus housing

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Hannah Hale

Radford University freshmen have repeatedly expressed their opinions on the enforcement of the four semester living policy. This states that incoming freshmen have to live on campus for two years, but many officials and tour guides allegedly told students who were signing that they only were required to live on campus for one year. It is possible there may have been a misunderstanding or the officials were misinformed, but it is obvious that students have very strong opinions on the matter. I took to the Class of 2020 page to ask students how they felt about the requirement.

Kenzie Larrison said, “In my opinion, there are enough people who want to live on campus to be able to fill rooms. With the addition of incoming freshman, I feel that the University could have filled the dorms. This two year contract not only causes anger within the campus community, but also puts those who do want to live on campus at a disadvantage in getting rooms they want. Many of us were told when touring/speaking to campus faculty that we would be able to move off campus after two semesters. Regardless of the contract I signed, I feel I was misled and I think this entire situation has and will continue to cause more issues that it has solved.”

Karrah Davidson said, “I honestly believe living on campus freshman year is important. It gives you an easy way to make friends and be around people who are all in the same boat together. To me, it is a big part of the college experience. It also makes it easier to get familiar with campus and get rooted into the community. However, after your first two semesters I think it should be up to the student where they live. Especially with the way the university is growing, they need room!”

Taylor Bishop said, “Living on campus for two years is not a problem for me. Although I am going to be an RA next year, I still had no complaints. We all signed a contract, and I guess this will be a wake up for those people who did not read what they were signing. Personally, I do not understand why people have been making such a big deal out of this issue. Residential Life has been going through changes, something that typically happens when a new person in charge comes along, i.e. President Hemphill. By living on campus, your bills are taken care of, your meals are taken care of, and you are closer to campus compared to living off campus. The completed housing form for the 2017-2018 [year] was due back around the end of February, so for people to be complaining about where they will have to live next year is on them if they did not fill their form out on time.”

I do not live on campus, so I have not experienced first-hand what is occurring with Residential Life. There have been a record number of applications for the Fall of 2017, so I think the university will not have a problem filling the dorms. In my opinion, I do not think students, who are legally adults, should be forced to live on campus for two years. However, I think this is an important reminder to always read through a contract before you sign it. Applications to live off campus and to void the two year contract are being granted to some students, so it is possible that this issue will be resolved. No matter what the situation comes to, students should remain respectful and civil while handling conflict with campus officials.