Student opinions on the new intramural field

Taken by Mike Maynard


Jennifer Bennett

The Outdoor Recreation Complex is a new facility for the students that opened in the fall of 2015. According to the Radford University website, “Opened Fall 2015 is a new 7 acre, fully lighted, Artificial Turf Field project that will accommodate flag football, soccer fields, and many other sports.”

     The class of 2019 will be the first graduating class to use this facility. This facility will provide the students more opportunity to participate in intramural activities as well as playing sports with their friends for fun. These fields also provide students with the opportunity to practice with their teammates for club sports.

     “I think it was a great thing to build because everyone deserves to have fun on campus,” said freshman Shaina Blackman.

     For the most part, students seem to be impressed by the new field and the vast amount of activities they can do there.

     “The field is really big and nice. It seems like there’s a lot you can do there,” said freshman  Tiyana Merchant.

     The Outdoor Recreation Complex Center was shown off on move-in weekend when it hosted Move-In Madness. The students who attended Move-In Madness seemed thrilled with how the new field looks and all that it had to offer.

     There are many good points to the new field, but there are also some things that can be worked on. There are many Radford students complaining about the fact that the field is not open at convieniant hours for  students not in organized sports activities to use. Many say that they should extend the hours of operations so that all students can use the field, not just sports teams and Greek Life.

     As the weather starts getting colder, fewer students will be out in the Outdoor Recreation Complex, but once the weather starts getting nicer in the spring, students will be out enjoying the weather and the new intramural field.