Student Government Association Debate

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Ida Domingo |

The Student Government Association (SGA) Debate was held on September 26, 2016 at 6 p.m. at Heth 022.

The debate started off with president of the SGA, Julianna Stanley’s greeting’s, as she told the audience that each candidate will be give four minutes to introduce themselves, and two minutes to respond to their given question. The elections for the new incoming freshmen senators started on September 27th, 2016 at 11 a.m. at the Bonnie tables, and ended on Thursday at 3 p.m.  After the introductions, the debate jumped to the introductions of the candidates. Stanley addressed that one of the candidates, Rogers, could not make it due to having a step throat.

It was a full house, and if you didn’t attend, this is what you missed. Radford University sophomore Emily Perez said, “I found [the debate] very interesting and everyone had different views and things they wanted to change.” And sophomore Joy Draper, said, “It was a good experience to see confident freshmen try to bring good change to Radford.”

First one up, Kashun Weston, class senator runner up, says she believes in hope for Radford University and thinks students should get help in and out of classrooms. Some of the things she’d like to change around here include having a better system for recycling, and more ash trays around campus. She also wants to introduce a new group learning system.

Skirmantas Gomez for veteran representative officer introduced us to his three main objectives: knowledge, helping veterans, and representing the student body to solve any problems that may occur.

Next, the three candidate’s running for on campus senator spoke:

Leslie Molina: She believes that Radford is her home, and her main motives as an on-campus senator are to increase the school spirit, and for Radford to be known for that and not anything negative.

Kaniece Egerton: She believes she should be the on-campus senator because she is hard working and cares for everyone on campus. She plans to start a student versus faculty event.

Reginald Jeffries: He believes that students should all be treated equally on campus and wants unity within his class. He also wants to focus on trying to better the food options on campus, not only the places, but the hours as well. He also wants to make sure that laundry should be affordable for all students.

Moline and Jeffries went back and forth on their questions.

Lastly, these are the people running for freshmen senator:

Autumn Walden: She wants to see change around Radford just like every candidate, and her main objectives are to make Radford transits more understanding and have a freshman social activity to make their friendships and bonds stronger.

Ayanna Harris: Harris sees a lot of potential change at Radford. Some things she would like to change herself are: meal options and hours, better Wi-Fi, extending the add/drop period, and having one fan per dorm room in Muse to combat the no AC problems.

The SGA announced the election results to the student body on Friday, September 30th at 5 p.m. at the Bonnie Stage. The winner announced for senior senator was Kashun Winston. She says, “Thank you, I want to change the way we treat our environment and how we treat each other.” The other two runners up winners are, for freshmen senator, Ayanna Harris and runner up for on campus senator, Reginald Jeffries.

Harris says, “[I am different than the other candidate because] I have a background in politics and what I’ve done can make more of a difference on campus.” And Jeffries also adds that he has an outgoing personality and he’s willing to give Radford a hundred percent.

Don’t forget to vote! Election polls are open on Monday, October 3rd, 2016. Good luck to all potential candidates!