Strange dorm rules at Radford University

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Jennifer Bennett |

There are definitely many benefits to living on campus. It is nice to just be able to just get out of bed and walk to the building next door to get to class. With this luxury however, come with weird dorm rules that all students living on campus are required to follow.

First one applies to Muse Hall only. The students that are residing in this hall cannot have microwaves by itself, so they are required to get pricy microfridges through the university. I personally do not understand the difference between the two, and I think that it would be a lot more convenient for the students if they were allowed to have to separate ones.

The second one applies to all dorms. Students who are living on campus are not allowed to have toasters in their rooms. This would not be a big deal if there was one in the kitchen that everyone could use, but at least in the kitchen in my dorm there is not. I do not understand why it would be a big deal if students were allowed to have them in their rooms.

Another one that is weird and honestly most students do not follow, is the policy of quiet hours. From Sunday to Thursday, do we really need to have the quiet hours start at 8 pm? I would understand if it was late like 10 or 11 but 8 just seems a little bit early to me. Like I said before though, majority of students do not follow the policy of quiet hours anyways, but if they changed the time to earlier, students might be more likely to adhere to the policy set in place

The one rule that I thought was honestly a joke when I first moved in was how much of the walls in your dorm are allowed to be covered without it being considered a fire hazard. Students are not allowed to have more than 10 percent of their walls covered. I don’t know about you, but I cannot just look at the wall and know exactly how much I am allowed to cover so I do not get in trouble.

I also think that it is so weird that when you sign the housing contract in the beginning of your first semester here, you are required to live on campus for two years. I can understand why they would want students to live on campus for the first year since they would not know where anything was and would not be part of the Radford community yet.

Lastly, pets. I understand that they would not want the room to turn really messy or smelly because of a pet living in a dorm room. The policy here states that students are allowed to have pets in their room as long as they are fish or aquatic animals. Which basically means that if you wanted to have a turtle that was not aquatic, you couldn’t have it. I think that there are some more pets that you should allowed to have as long as they do not affect your roommate at all.

Overall, there are some rules that are implemented by the school that I personally think are a little weird. However, most of the other dorm rules are made to protect students all together. While students might think that these rules are weird as well, they would not make it a policy if they did not think that it could be really beneficial. If you do not agree with these rules, remember it is all only temporary – soon enough you can get your own apartment and make your own rules!