St. Albans Sanatorium – A Haunted House Review

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By: Madison Miller |

Going to a haunted house is cool and all, but going to one that’s been visited by ghost hunting crews is a different story. St. Albans Sanatorium started in 1892 as a Lutheran boys’ school. It was then changed into an institution to treat the mentally ill in 1916.

This over 100-year-old building is right here in Radford. As you go across the bridge into Fairlawn, St. Albans is on the left-hand side, nestled on top of the hill. The building is unchanged, which makes it even scarier.

The sanitorium has hosted a haunted house for a few years now, and every year they change up the theming, so it is never the same year after year. I attended the haunted house, and it was fantastic. The theme this year is “slay-house.”

General admission is $15, but tickets that let you jump the line are $25. We waited in line for two hours, and it was freezing. That was the only part I did not like. Once inside, the haunt will last about 30 minutes.

The haunt takes cash or card but is not handicap accessible. There’s limited free parking, and there are shuttle services available to take you to and from the haunt.

There is a food vendor on site parallel to the line, to accommodate your hunger while in line. After the haunt, there is a gift shop with t-shirts and other goodies.

This haunted house was excellent and well thought out. The characters are incredibly talented and keep in their roles the whole time throughout the haunt. It was very realistic and scary; they are remarkably good at jumping out and getting you.

While in line, multiple characters come up and try to frighten you or chat with you to make your wait time go by quicker. The characters will also let you snap a picture with them while waiting in line.

Each room has different themes and characters to make it flow better and not be boring. This haunt is convenient because it’s only six minutes from Radford’s campus.

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Photo Credit: (David Menidrey on Unsplash)

The Verdict
  • 10/10
    Score - 10/10

Be Ready to Scream!

It was very realistic and scary; they are remarkably good at jumping out and getting you.