Spring weather challenges


It has been increasingly apparent how directly the weather affects people’s attitudes, especially on Twitter.

When the weather is crummy, without fail, I will see at least seven people complaining about how they don’t want to leave their bed or that the rain just ruined their whole morning.

Trust me, I am guilty of these feelings too, but after reading about five negative comments pertaining to the weather you start to feel a little bit depressed and suddenly you can’t imagine leaving your bed that day either.

But when the weather is nice, we see the complete opposite effect take place. Suddenly everyone is so motivated to conquer the day and has to publicly express how productive they will be that day.

Also still, everyone has to tweet about the weather as if we all haven’t been outside that day or checked the weather before hand to know it would be nice, with numerous repeated variations of saying how nice it is outside.

Even with the surplus of productive energy the sun gives us, we still find it hard to sit in the library without starring out the window wishing you weren’t in the library. It is a constant roller coaster of emotions the weather has on us.

“It’s like a new morale…everyone’s going to class,” I overheard someone say walking to class last week. So it’s not just me who is noticing.

Students really seem to take the saying, ‘suns out, gun’s out’ pretty serious with a lot more skin is being shown with the arrival of this spring weather. The quads become obstacle courses as you make your walk home, packed with freshman sitting on towels or dodging Frisbees and balls.

It makes me nostalgic just thinking about it because sitting on the quad isn’t something that I have done since moving off campus freshman year. Most outdoor activities now, seem to always include BT’s porch.

However, what I find as the weather gets nicer, that it is the hardest to stay focused. I increasingly find myself in the position of looking out the window daydreaming. This is the time when many students let all of their hard work for the semester go by playing too much hooky or forgetting about due dates.

Then really how enjoyable is the weather, or your summer, going to be if you end up failing a class? Of course no Radford students would find themselves in this position anyway.

Spring is all about sacrifices. The old saying, “work hard, play hard” is really put to the test. Is it more worth it to get all of your work done during the week so you can enjoy the nice weather over the weekend without thinking about school assignments, or slack off and start your weekend on Wednesday?

These are all decisions that only we can make for ourselves, but friends always seem to play a really big part in the convincing. It is hard to think about the long-term consequences in the moment when your friends ask you to go to Claytor Lake or McAfee’s Knob for the day and blow off class, but sometimes life is hard.

At the same time we will never be able to relive these days so make the decisions that matter to you most because when it’s all said and done they’re your memories.