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Ladies and gentleman- button your coats, tighten your scarves, and take out your window units, because fall is here. Temperatures plummet quickly in these mountains and the romantics of cold weather and changing leaves will wait for no one. As the brisk air approaches us, so do the infamous days of relaxing in a coffee shop of our choosing. With this being said, choosing “your” go to coffee shop is a decision that is not to be taken lightly! After all, you will spend hours in this place (procrastinating) studying for tests, going on amazing adventures throughout the pages of your soon-to-be-favorite book, and, just maybe you will even set to embark on your own version of the classic coffee shop romantic comedy. I can assure you, fantastical reader, that for the complete fulfillment of the purposes listed above, there could not be a better spot to cozy up with a cup of coffee than Lucie Monroe’s in Christiansburg, Virginia.

When you walk through the doors of Lucie Monroe’s, you are immediately greeted with an all consuming sense of warmth as your senses take it the rich smell of roasted coffee beans. The welcoming and presumingly knowledgable staff prove to be an immediate plus, and as you take in the atmosphere, your eyes are drawn to the covered mocha walls. You also notice the quaint fireplace around the corner where there are friends conversing. This place is what coffee lovers dream of when they enter their caffeine induced fever coma. There are leather chairs and a couch in a lounge lined with books that are ripe for the reading A large window looks upon the more business oriented area with wooden chairs occupied by concentrated faces buried in books or a laptop. All of your coffee shop scenarios can be appropriately lived out in any one of these areas.

So, you are through the door now and you’ve just snapped yourself out of your inner monologue about how warm and cozy this place looks. Next step: Acquire Coffee. Lucie Monroe’s prides itself on it’s purist take on coffee and food alike. The coffee of choice is a light roast which contains more caffeine and holds more of its regional flavor than a dark roast. This fact is hard to deny as you take your first sip, eyes already darting back to the menu at the idea of seconds. It quickly becomes clear that the staff here takes making every single drink seriously. It’s not a job; it’s a craft. There’s pride in the drink that they have made for you, never more directly evident than in the foam art that graces the top of your latte. However, if you tend to dwell in the depths of tea rather than coffee then have no fear, from Earl Grey Black Tea to Blueberry Rooibos Tea, there are a plethora options for almost any craving a connoisseur could begin to have.

Coffee on an empty stomach never feels great, so Lucie Monroe’s offers a variety of food to go with your coffee if you do so desire. Whether you are feeling peckish for a cappuccino flavored slice of cake or craving something a little more fulfilling like a Chicken Salad Sandwich, Lucie’s has got you covered. There are even vegan and vegetarian menu items for those with a bit more of a restricted diet. It’s of a higher quality than your average cafe style food and perfect for nursing a noisy stomach.

The coffee is delicious, the art is captivating, and the atmosphere is cozy, but it’s experiencing all of these things together that truly make you fall in love with this place. There is something incredibly cinematic about the idea of sitting in a coffee shop and letting your imagination unfold through the pages of a book or the lyrics of a song. There is no place more appropriate for such an escape than Lucie Monroe’s.

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