Social Work Club give back to New River Valley


Keelia McCaffrey

To combat hunger the social work club is hosting a food drive. During the month of February, the club has had a booth set up in the Bonnie to collect non-perishable foods. Students and faculty are encouraged to drop by to chat and donate food for the families in need here in Radford.
“It is always hard to get people excited and motivated,” said Catie McCoy the president of the Social Work Club. “Our slogan is ‘hunger never takes a holiday’; hunger is every day, and that is what we want people to understand.” The social work club has been trying to help the community as best it can. “We do a lot of fundraisers and our goal Within the tournament there are categories that each school can compete in such as the Per Capita Classic, which awards the school with the most waste eliminated per person. There are also source-specific categories, which focus on elimination of specific wasted recyclables such as glass, paper, and metals, and the Gorilla Prize category, which is awarded for the greatest total number of pounds of waste eliminated.  Radford University is participating in all of these categories, and it will be the university’s fifth year competing.
Julio Stephens, Director of Sustainability at Radford is encouraging students to participate not only in this competition but to also make environmentally healthy decisions in every aspect of student life and become involved in the movement to make Radford a sustainable and environmentally friendly campus. Stephens observes that there are a great many ways to be involved and influential in this movement but one of the most important of which is to simply be conscious of personal behaviors and to manage how we throw away garbage and recycle on an individual basis. He poignantly observes that “…when we throw stuff away, it doesn’t just disappear” and “… if everybody puts in a little effort we will have big impact”.
Results of the competition will be available on the organization’s website so that students and faculty can view the scores of their schools and track the progress of the tournament. Look for events across campus and online with the Radford Sustainability Facebook page.