“Slow down and love someone with Delilah,” or just listen to sappy love songs on radio

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Every year as the air gets colder, the leaves fall from the trees and college students start to get homesick. Our brains get tired from stressful workload and our livers need a rest from our weekend party loads. We are all in desperate need for a dose of our crazy family and a delicious home cooked meal made straight from the love dripping off our mom’s fingertips.

We all go through the similar rituals on thanksgiving. This sequence of holiday events should sound familiar to about everyone I know. It’s Thanksgiving evening; you just finished an evening full of small talk with distant relatives, whom you only see maybe once or twice a year. You survived the meal by stuffing your face with turkey, mash potatoes and gravy and just when you think your stomach can’t handle any more; Great Aunt “Sue” brings out her homemade pumpkin pie. It’s like a little piece of heaven on a plate. You say your goodbyes and say farewell until next time, which in fact, you’re actually excited for your next conversation with your long lost aunt from Kansas because every broke college student knows what’s involved, that’s right presents!

You step into your cold car; crank the seat warmer, start your drive back home and the radio has the faintest sound of a soft female voice. We all know who it is, Delilah. Don’t act like you don’t know who I’m talking about. Delilah is our angel sent from the air waves of radio heaven. This woman has a sneaky way of coming out right around the holidays to tug a single tear right out of our eyes and have it stream down every listener’s face.

From her devoted listener’s lips, Delilah has heard it all. Every sob story from cheating husbands and wives to cancer stories, people call into her show to share their personal story. She listens to her caller’s problems with a caring ear and gives them her personal advice. She then proceeds to match a song which lyrically goes with their particular situation. That is when every listener’s emotions kick into high gear because you can relate your own personal life shambles to her caller’s struggles.

The famous radio personality has over 8 million listeners which sound perfectly plausible seeing that once you accidentally turn on her voice of an angel while scanning your car radio, you just can’t turn her off. It’s like a Law and Order: SVU marathon, you can’t just watch half. You are sucked in until Stabler and Benson, or in this case, Delilah, saves the day.

While Delilah has been solving the world’s relationship problems since the late 90’s, there have been many other radio hosts trying to imitate but never equal the Delilah show.

Delilah has a way of touching each one of her caller’s and listener’s hearts with just her voice. It is amazing because Delilah’s listeners and callers don’t even know her and much less what she looks like. This shows how dedicated to helping people she truly is.

I feel as though Delilah is one of those women who has been through so much in her life and has extreme patience, sympathy and compassion for each one of her callers. Because of the number of years she has under her belt from her successful career, she can teach college students that whatever future career you choose, if you are passionate enough about it, you can achieve any number of your goals.

When you pull out of Radford in these next couple of days for Thanksgiving break, turn your station to Delilah for some inspiring stories of hope and remember if she can touch people from just her voice in a microphone, you can accomplish anything (even passing those finals we have coming up in a few weeks).


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