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Showing your school spirit at Radford University

Emily Sargent


The start of the spring semester means many things; it means readjusting to campus life, meeting new people, and making changes. One of these changes is showing more school spirit. How can you show school spirit? Any demonstration of showing your love and support for your school is considered school spirit. This includes wearing t-shirts, sweatshirts, and other items of clothing with your school’s name or logo on it. The bookstore in Dalton Hall is full of Radford merchandise. From clothes to mugs, and accessories, you are sure to find something that tells the world you attend Radford University.

While Radford may not be the most spirited school in Virginia, it is still very common to see Highlander pride around campus. Whether you are just walking around or sitting in class, you are very likely to see at least one person sporting a Radford shirt or sweater. Wearing these items of clothing is just one of the many ways that show you are proud to attend this school. Do not be afraid to take inspiration from those around you. In fact, showing your passion for Radford can be fun.

I attended the men’s basketball game against Campbell University and saw several demonstrations of school spirit. Some students wore red and white balloon hats while others were wearing their Radford clothes. The cheerleaders were cheering on the team, and the stadium was full of students shouting, cheering, and dancing. There was even a “dance cam” that showed students dancing to the music that was playing. To me, Dedmon Center might be one of the most spirited places on campus. It is full of passionate students wearing school colors supporting the men’s basketball team.

You can show your support for your school just by attending a sporting event. If you have a friend on the basketball or baseball team, attend one of those games to cheer your friend on. By doing this, you are not only supporting your friend, but also your school. You do not have to be a sports fan to attend a sporting event. You can just go to have fun with your friends while supporting the Highlanders.

Showing school spirit does not always have to be related to sports. The Odyssey Online lists several ways to support your school without joining a sports team. You can attend a performing arts showcase such as a theater production or a choral performance. Getting involved is an excellent way to show your support for school-sponsored club and activities. Speaking of clubs, you could also attend a club-sponsored event. This includes events sponsored by R-SPaCE and Greek life. Any way of getting involved on campus demonstrates school spirit.

One more way to increase your school pride is just to wear school colors. Any items of clothing that are red, white or a combination of both can demonstrate Radford pride. These clothes do not have to be Radford merchandise; anything from your wardrobe would work. Showing school spirit takes on many forms. Whether it is getting involved or wearing our school’s colors, do not be afraid to tell the world you are a Radford Highlander.

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