Should spring break coincide with Easter?

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Alexis Gardner |

As spring break approaches, I cannot help but be filled with joy and excitement. The semester is pretty much half way over, and I am in great need of a break. A break from tests, quizzes, homework, studying, waking up early, paying for laundry, and more. When I finally get home, I will be free from all of those things.

No school work for a whole week sounds divine. And not having to pay to do laundry or wait for a washer or dryer to be open is another great feeling. Then there is my family of course, I miss them too- especially my mom and her delicious cooking. Home cooked meals… I cannot wait for those. My mom sure knows how to throw down in the kitchen

One thing that I loved about spring break in high school is having Easter dinner with my family. In all of my years in school, from first to twelfth grade, our spring break has always coincided with Easter. But during my freshman year of college, I was surprised and sad that our spring break was not during the week of Easter.

It was the first time in 18 years that I had not spent Easter with my family. It was also the first time in 18 years that I did not really celebrate Easter. At school it just seemed to be another Sunday, but back at home, it was Easter Sunday.

I missed being home with my family so much. Not just my parents and brother either, but my aunts, uncles, cousins, and grandparents. I had to settle for phone calls instead of actually being able to be with my family and spend time with them. I had to settle for Wild Greens on Easter Sunday while everyone else in my family got to enjoy the tasty food my mom cooked.

Like I said before, my mom throws down in the kitchen. I am talking about ham, roast beef, fried chicken, fish, collard greens, macaroni and cheese, sweet potatoes, rice and gravy, potato salad, and that is just naming some things.

But Easter is not just about the food, and I know that. It is about celebrating Jesus being resurrected from the dead. A celebration that I have always done with my family over spring break.

I know that there are some people who are not religious and do not celebrate Easter. Or there are some people who are probably thinking, “Why not just go home for Easter if it is that big of deal to you?” Unfortunately, it is not that easy.

I do not live close to Radford. I am five hours away and that is if no stops are made and traffic is good. So transporting back and forth is quite difficult, especially since I do not have a car. Not only that, but since Easter dinner is eaten around late afternoon, I would probably have to head back on a Monday, causing me to miss my Monday classes.

I feel like since there are more people who celebrate Easter than do not at Radford, that the Monday after Easter should be a day off. This would allow students to get back to school in time for their classes on Tuesday. I think that a lot of people would benefit from this and that the university should consider doing this. Easter is a holiday that should be spent with family and loved ones, and I just wish I was still able to do that.