Should Single Dorm Rooms Be A Housing Option?


Emily Sargent

Many students at Radford, typically underclassmen, live on campus in a residence hall, but they usually house only two people per room. With that being said, if you are an underclassman, you are probably not going to get a room all to yourself. I think single dorm rooms should be a housing option because it would give you some privacy and you would not have to worry about pleasing your roommate.

As adults, we value our privacy. It is something that should be respected and taken into consideration, especially when living on campus. For example, you come to your room to relax after a busy day full of classes and homework. You then notice your roommate is in your room minding his or her own business. You would like to have some alone time, but when you have to share a room with someone, this is not always possible. We all appreciate time to ourselves, so why not make it easier on us? We should be able to have some privacy on campus without the risk of disturbing others.

Another reason single rooms should be an option is that you will not have to consent with anyone about how your room should be organized. If you are a messy person, you can have a messy room and not worry about annoying anyone. You can also decorate your room any way you please. If you are someone who is into sports, you can cover your room with sports posters and other sporty attire. However, if you have a roommate who is not into sports, you may have to ask him or her if it is okay to decorate the room in such a way. Roommates can have contrasting interests that can make one room look like two different rooms. With a single room, you can set it up any way you like without the concern of clashing styles.

Having a single room would also allow you to be on your own schedule. If your first class starts at 9:30 A.M., you can get up early and get ready for that class as you intend to. Now take that scenario and add in a roommate. If your roommate’s first class does not start until 12:00 P.M., he or she will probably want to get up much later than you did. Your alarm may wake your roommate and he or she might have trouble going back to sleep. But with a single room, you can get up as early or as late as you want without waking someone with your activity.

Single dorm rooms should be a housing option because they would give us more freedom. They would give us more privacy and make it easier to have time to ourselves. You can express yourself without worrying about what other people think. Single rooms would also allow you to be as messy or as neat as you want without bothering someone. You would also be able to live out your day the way you want to. You can get up early or late and not disturb anyone in the process.