SGA’s changes coming to campus

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By Gracie Miller |

The Student Government Association, also known as SGA, has been working extremely hard over this semester to make sure that good things are coming to our campus!

After the big tank top debacle that happened last semester, starting on March 26, muscle tank tops are now allowed at the gym. However, there are specific guidelines to this rule. If these guidelines are not followed students will be asked to change.

Another change that has already come to the gym was on April 1 when the new rule was implemented. Students are now allowed to bring guests with them to the gym.

SGA also voted to start putting the Radford Police number on the back of students ID cards, that way students always have the number with them even if not close to one of the blue police lights. All other students who currently have an ID will not be issued a new card; one will have to be purchased.

The last change to come to our campus is there will be sessions held to learn about the signs of suicide. This will be sponsored by the Student Counseling services and SGA.

Photo Credit: (RUSRWC, SGA)