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Over the past two weeks, Radford University’s Student Government Association (SGA) has continued to gear up for the spring semester elections. These annual elections decide the officers, senators, and representatives that will be in charge of the SGA for the following fall and spring semesters. The fifteen positions that are currently filled are up for election this year, plus a few that were not filled the past year. These elected positions are made up of the four members of the executive board and the senators from each division of the university.

The Executive Board is made up of five students, four of which are elected and one that is appointed. The Board consists of the President, Vice President, Chief Activities Officer, Chief Financial Officer, and Chief of Staff; to be any of the positions one must be a member of SGA for at least 20 weeks. All positions except for the Chief of Staff are elected every spring, and the President is given the opportunity to appoint their own Chief of Staff. The Executive Board serves as the executive branch, carrying out administrative duties of the SGA.

Senators serve a different purpose because their job is to represent those who are their constituents. A senator is elected from each class of students, including a senator to represent the graduate school students here at Radford University. Other senators represent each college, of which there are seven, on Radford University’s campus. There are also two at-large senators that serve the entire student body, an on-campus and off-campus senator and a military service senator.

If an individual wants to be in any of these elected positions they have to complete a series of tasks. First, over the last two weeks, the SGA held interest meetings in which they went over positions and important rules to follow when campaigning on campus. Following that they must obtain a 50 name petition from the constituents they wish to represent. These petitions are due on Feb. 16 to the Vice President of SGA. All candidates for office will make speeches on Feb. 20 on the Bonnie stage to help inform students on who they are before the week of the elections. There will be online voting from Monday, Feb. until Thursday, March 2 at 2:00 p.m. On Friday, March 3 the SGA will announce the new members who will take office next fall.