SGA Elections Preview

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Ralph Winfrey |

Radford University’s Student Government Association is now over the hill but not too old to count. Last March marked the hundredth year of this association on campus and since being founded, student excitement and participation has grown vastly.

Listed below are statements from the candidates running for senate positions.

Skirmantas Gomez (Class of 2019) “My major is Biology with intention of double majoring in a field that compliments Biology. My hometown is Bridgeport, Connecticut. What makes me different from the other candidates is that I am a veteran, having served 5 years in the United States Navy as a hospital corpsman(medic). The position in which I am applying for revolves around all veterans and students that may be using veteran benefits and or in the ROTC program. My plan is to propose policies for veterans in order to provide veterans with a smooth transition from the military to civilian setting. On the path to accomplishing this I plan on assisting the SGA with any issue that the student body may present.”

Colby Rodgers (Class of 2020) “I’m from Hanover Virginia. I’m currently apart of RU outdoors, the dive club as well as a co-founder in trying to form the new fly-fishing club on campus. For the past two years I have campaigned for various senators around the Richmond area like Siobhan Dunnavant as well as Vince Hailey. I offer you my experience and knowledge to better the freshman class as a whole and to be a part of planning future events. Some of my policies are pushing for gender neutral bathrooms because we should be accepting of all in the Highlander family. Another policy is to improve water fountains in muse as all of you know the water isn’t cold and often has a funny taste. I appreciate your time and would greatly appreciate your vote. Go Highlanders!”

Autumn Molden (Class of 2020) “My major is nursing, and my hometown is Winchester, Virginia. I cheered all throughout middle and high school, and have continued my cheer career here as a Radford Highlander! I would love the opportunity to represent the freshmen class as senator for a few different reasons. One reason would be to have the ability to give us all a voice! The changes we want to see put in place are important, and I want to be the person to represent those changes. As senator, I would be more than happy to listen to any concerns or ideas of any of my fellow students! Neutral gender bathrooms are a controversial subject right now, and I feel as if this position isn’t to impose my own opinion but rather hear yours and make changes based on what Radford students think and feel. I love Radford University. This school and community have so much to offer the world, and I want to be as much of a part of that as I can.”

Kaniece Egerton (Class of 2020)”My major is Business Management and minor is political science, I am a part of the lead scholar program, IWAG, colligate entrepreneurship and an active volunteer on campus, and I would LOVE to be a member as well as a leader in SGA if you all would help me out. Some of you I have already spoken to about what I am all about either in class, in your resident hall, in meetings, or in clubs. I believe in hearing and moving on the behalf of the people. You all have given me great ideas so far on what you guys would like to see happen on campus concerning Wi-Fi, holiday lights, showcases for different clubs, etc. And to be completely honest I am extremely excited to bring it all to the table of SGA to make it happen. But you guys……. We have one problem…… you have to vote for me for anything to even happen. So Radford Campus, Vote for KANIECE EGERTON for on-campus senator!”

Kashun Monique (Class of 2017) “My major is business with a concentration in entrepreneurship and a minor in design appreciation with a concentration in fashion design. I am running for your Senior Class Senator because I want to make a difference and initiate idea’s that will generate value. What separates me from the other candidates is that I believe in H.O.P.E (helping others prosper effectively). You need someone who’s innovative, persistent, and has the best interest of you, your health, and the environment around you; I am the hope for you! If elected into office I would like to work on amendments and programs that will lower the drop-out rate and also things that will cater to student’s health and environment.”

The election will be held in the Bonnie and online on Sept. 26.