SGA Election ushers in new student leaders

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It has been a busy few weeks for the Student Government Association. With the election of all new officers to take over for the upcoming 2014-2015 school year, there has been a whirlwind of election campaigns, rallies and events.

The anticipation of who would take on the new responsibilities of representing the student body came to a head on March 28 when the new class senators were announced.

It was a very pleasant event, as current student body President Zach McCoy addressed the candidates with words of encouragement before announcing the winners.

“I know you all have been waiting a long time for this, and you’ve all worked hard for it so I say congratulations to all of you. Even if you don’t win you are all still hard working and dedicated students and we appreciate you here at SGA.”

Sophomore Colby Bender was announced as the new SGA President. Bender is a political science major who is studying to become a prosecution attorney. He is originally from Pennsylvania and chose Radford for college because he loves the welcoming atmosphere.

When asked what his platform was during his candidacy, he was insightful and profound in his vision.

“I believe in unified progress, in which the students, the student government and our leaders can come together and work on initiatives that make students proud to be Highlanders”

Bender also included that he has an avid interest in working with Radford’s Greek Life to better acclimate the incoming freshman class.

The race for SGA’s new vice president was ran between Wendy Viana and Tiffany Goins, both of whom are already members of SGA. Viana is the current senator at large and Goins is the current College of Humanities and Behavioral Science senator. In a twist of events, the position of vice president is re-opening for election.

According to President McCoy, the two candidates will have to face off again due to the fact that neither candidate gained more that fifty percent of the vote.

Other positions that were open for SGA were student Senator at Large, in which freshman Alan Ward and sophomore Logan Smith ran unopposed.

Ward and Smith were enthusiastic about taking on the tasks and responsibilities of being the new senators.

Ward, a middle school education and political science major is new to SGA and was excited about being able to acknowledge and accommodate the needs of the students and also the faculty at Radford.

Smith, a business management major spoke briefly on what made him run for a position in the SGA. “I simply just don’t want to fail. And anything I do, I want my family to be as proud of me as possible,” Smith said. “I also want to make a positive difference here at Radford.”

Smith hopes to become involved in Greek Life and also wants to enlighten Radford’s students on the many possibilities of SGA.