SGA Campus Safety Walk

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Campus safety is always a concern for students walking around during anytime of the day. Nighttime is a big concern especially walking alone from building to building.

The Student Government Association is making it an initiative this year to improve safely for all members of the Radford campus. They are began their improvements by inviting school officials and various members of the police department to walk around campus and view what SGA and students say are the most problem areas.

President Zach McCoy and Vice President Justin Blankenship walked around campus on Sunday night and mapped a path to which the group will follow. The map highlights all the concerns.

This walk took place on Monday and 8p.m., with everyone meeting at the SGA office in the Bonnie.

McCoy and Blankenship opened up the walk by passing out maps to everyone in attendance that highlighted the route to be taken and where problem areas were located.

In attendance was not just SGA members, but the faculty advisors, members of facilities, members from the Radford University Police Department, and a spokesperson from the city of Radford. They were all in attendance to help give insights on different areas of campus and also just to listen to what SGA had to say about the problem areas around campus.

The key thing McCoy and Blankenship wanted improvement on were the lights around campus and also to see if something could be done about the emergency beacons that are placed around campus. They are there to help anyone in need, but McCoy and Blankenship feel there are not enough in certain areas and it would be a struggle to get to one in an emergency situation. RUPD reassured SGA that five new emergency beacons have been purchased and will be placed in big problem areas.

The lights around campus were a very hot topic. Many turn off even at nighttime when people are around. According to facilities, if anyone comes across a light that is not on or that keeps turning on and off to report it to them so they can get someone out there to fix it. The lampposts are not supposed to turn on and off during the night.

The walk around campus led everyone in the group to all the alleyways in between buildings; they even discussed different lighting situations that could happen with various streets on darkside. Davis Street came up a lot in the conversation because of the minimal lighting throughout.

Crosswalks along the outside of campus were brought up; the most popular spots are behind the Bonnie, the hill by COBE at Jefferson Street, and the intersection of Tyler Avenue and Downey Street. Light up crosswalks were brought up, but it was unsure if it would be beneficial or just add to students not paying enough attention to the traffic coming.

The walk concluded with RUPD and other officials thanking SGA for having them out and taking the initiative to work on campus safety and also SGA thanked them for taking the time to come and walk around campus.