SGA active in representing RU


Brian Massie

Last year the Radford University SGA directly approved spending nearly $1.2 million dollars. Some of the groups funded with that money include R-SPaCE, Campus Recreation, Sports Club Council, Club Programming and the Greek Governing Councils.

SGA also developed several policy recommendations currently under review by the administration for implementation. While the Student Finance Committee develops a budget recommendation, the SGA has to approve it.

The SGA hosts and co-sponsors a few events during the year, but it is primarily a deliberative body used to voice the general opinion of the student body.  SGA is sometimes confused by students with R-SPaCE which handles a lot of on-campus events.

Policy recommendations are a primary duty of the SGA. One recommendation that passed and was adopted last year was the use of recycled plastic gowns for commencement ceremonies.  Put forward by then Senior Class President Steve Teresi, each gown saves 23 bottles from going into a landfill.

Another one of these recommendations, a Medical Amnesty Protocol, grants students immunity from strikes during emergency medical situations.  It is currently under review by the Vice President of Student Affairs, Dr. Mark Shanley, and the Dean of Students office, headed by the recently hired Dr. Don Appiarius.

Occasionally, the SGA will issue public statements about events to reflect student opinions.  After the Center for Bio-ethical Reform demonstration, the SGA issued the following statement:

“To be clear the SGA in no way opposes the right of free speech as guaranteed in the first amendment of the United States Constitution; however, we also do not endorse the use of graphic images such as death or aborted fetuses to further any cause whatsoever.”

SGA represents the interests of nearly 10,000 students at RU.

“I am positive and enthusiastic about the upcoming year.  There is a renewed sense of interest in what happens at RU, in the city of Radford, in the state of Virginia, and in these United States,” said President Lee Hicks. “We have a lot of new members in the Senate and I personally look forward to getting to know each of them and working with them during the coming year.”