Seniors to Receive Graduation Cord by Donation to Scholarship

Seniors can donate $20.01 to a scholarship fund for next year’s seniors.

By Courtney Johannes ’22 |

As we approach the end of the fall semester and the beginning of the spring semester, we will be saying goodbye to our beloved seniors.

Some have spent all four years roaming the campus, and others have only spent part of their time here at Radford University.

It is all the same, as they are the ones we will look to when figuring out our next steps.
Senior and Student Government Association President Grace Hurst have been diligent about leaving a mark for this year’s graduating class and the graduating classes that follow.

In an email Grace Hurst sent to the senior student body, she says, “I invite you to join me in making a difference for the next generation of Radford University students by making a gift to the Highlander Senior Class Scholarship.”

Seniors can make a small donation, as little as $20.01, to the scholarship.
In return, they will get to wear a philanthropy cord across the stage when they receive their diplomas.

If you wish to contribute, you can make your donation online at The Hive or in-person at the Bonnie on Tuesdays from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.

Not a senior? No worries, you can participate by giving feedback, suggestions, or just observing.

Meetings for S.G.A. are held every Monday at 5 p.m. in the Bonnie, room 250. In addition, students can find information for zoom meetings at RUInvolved.
Make your mark today!

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