Seniors have one job left at RU: to graduate


Your last semester before you graduate is a very emotional and transitory period. Suddenly there is so much pressure to find a job and graduate in good standing. It can be tough to manage busy schedules between classes, a job, outside organizations, clubs and sports, volunteer work while still having a social life. Many graduating seniors are in the “I’m taking 18 credits to graduate” boat. Most students have different obstacles or motives for graduating. For instance, some students are on the graduate school path while others are diligently trying to find a job by May. Regardless of what your #postgradprobs are, we all still have one last job to do here at Radford before we can become contributing working class professionals: graduating. Failing a class probably doesn’t fit into that category, so putting effort into school work is more important now than ever before. Trying to just skate by and failing your last semester of college would be a very detrimental mistake.
For me, I am full taking advantage of my down time this semester to work on my job hunting. I have also been fortunate enough to gain more experience than most by going through an intensive interview process that I can honestly say I was terribly unprepared for. All I could hear in my head was a quote from the movie Billy Madison – “You blew it!”
Maybe if I had listened to my dad over Christmas break when he barked on and on about not to take the interview lightly, I wouldn’t be in this position. Then again, that wouldn’t be learning the hard way, which I always seem to find a way to do. Not to mention the infamous “I know everything” attitude, because I obviously thought I knew more than someone who has been in the working world for over 30 years.

That couldn’t be more wrong, but the good news is that it was a learning experience. I took what I learned from that interview so I wouldn’t be so unprepared the next time around. I wrote down all the questions they asked me and came up with a list of answers. Another thing I learned is when people say that the interviewer might ask weird questions, they’re not kidding. I was asked to come up with as many uses for a gardening hose in a minute. I came up with a whopping four. I was also asked that if I could have dinner with anyone famous who would it be and why. These are just some of the curve balls they could throw at you.
In order to avoid all of these mistakes and deal with the anxiety of feeling like you just blew the interview, Radford’s Career Services has all of these helpful tricks for you listed on their website. They offer help with cover letters, resume templates, and tutorials to watch on how to prepare for a big interview. It is time consuming, so it has to be a top priority that you are willing to set time aside for to work on your job search and skills. You will definitely be glad you did when May comes around and you’ve gotten yourself into a great position with getting job offers and are nailing interviews.
With that being said, this semester has been oddly nostalgic thus far. I find myself always thinking about how this is my last semester here and this is my last time doing this and that. Living in the moment is tough, but when I think about how this is the last time living this college bubble lifestyle, I tend to make some irrational decisions that I wouldn’t normally make, justifying it with the classic line: It’s my senior year.