Senior year: getting priorities straight before graduation

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I’m confident that a number of individuals are enjoying their senior year of college with a blissful sense of serenity that comes with extraordinary accomplishment or a happy-go-lucky spirit.

Not this girl, though. I get a guilty sensation when I relax. I’ve got the traditional fifteen-credit-hour course load, which is not something I typically struggle with, but I’m also working three jobs (totaling somewhere between thirty and thirty-five hours a week), planning a January wedding with tons of artsy do-it-yourself projects and a work-out-yourself workout routine to go with it, searching Craigslist on a daily basis for eclectic furniture for my future newlywed home, trying to decide what school is next for my graduate degree and gearing up for my first genuine search for a career as an Art Educator–something that can be difficult to come by in today’s economy.

When I was younger, I always admired the people who managed to do everything perfectly, and now I am, at the very least trying to be that exact type of person. I volunteered endlessly this summer and I’ve joined a number of clubs and organizations, with the hope of creating a positive network for myself and garnering experiences I can reflect on in the future. I requested a resume critique from Career Services, and will make an appointment soon for help with interview preparedness, cover letter formats, and some serious assistance with my online portfolio and professional website combination. I currently have sixteen library books checked out, on every topic from current issues in public education to books advising the development of a healthy marriage. And I drink more coffee a day than I do water.

I know I am not alone. There must be an enormous number of students who are facing similar challenges and organizing their time by strict measures, waking up anxious that they missed an assignment or that they simply will not accomplish everything, cursing the world for not allotting more than twenty-four hours to a day.

I have no doubt that there are some students who have taken on more than I am doing now during every year of their college experience and they are still alive!

For everyone else out there like me, who struggles to keep everything balanced in an effort to make the most of their senior year at Radford University. Consider relieving stress by exercise, taking a multivitamin and setting a regular sleep routine. Organize your planner (this requires actually owning a planner!) in a way you will understand, and make a sincere effort to use it on a daily basis. Break any procrastination habits you’ve harbored since you began kindergarten. Actively seek extra opportunities to gain insight into your future career options. Make an appointment with Career Services and utilize their professional knowledge to help you become a professional. And try to build time into your schedule to relax. Spend time with the friends you’ve survived the last three years with. Enjoy the time that remains.

The good news? We are on the final stretch. In the race to complete college with a degree that means something, intact sanity and moral values, and a few truly significant relationships, we can win.

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