Self-Defense at Radford University

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This weekend, November 1st through 3rd, Radford housed an interesting event that helped to change the awareness of 11 women’s lives for the better in more ways than one. A course titled Rape Aggression Awareness, or Rad Course helps to teach women the ideas and techniques that can be used for self-defense if an aggressor tries to abduct or cause bodily harm to a woman.

This course took place over three days, with an informational session, training clinic and skills clinic, where trained instructors helped to coach women through the process of raising their own self awareness through the ideas of placing themselves in safe situations and using the weapons that their bodies are given naturally in order to help create the best situation possible for escape.

I attended this course and learned so much that I would never have even thought of to make sure that I place myself in the safest decisions whenever possible. Even making sure that people cannot easily see into or access the windows of my own house can be great deterrents for an aggressor, as they are often looking for crimes that are easy to commit, and will think twice before worrying about climbing up three stories of a house in order to enter the building through the one and only window that is open. Keeping locks up to date and well maintained can also be a great, if common knowledge idea that will help guard you and your personal belongings from an intruder.

I would definitely suggest this course to anyone who wants to learn about protecting themselves as well as learning about what they are physically able to accomplish by themselves. I would have never thought that I could succeed in freeing myself when pinned under another person, but through the techniques and training learned throughout this course I was able to successfully accomplish just that, as well as other tasks that may come up in real life situations that will definitely come in handy.

This course also changed me mentally in that I learned a lot about what I truly can do. In the beginning of this course I walked into a room of girls wondering what the heck I had gotten myself into, I thought that I knew how to punch a guy in the face in case he got too close. But I slowly learned that we really live in a world that can be a terrible place if you are not prepared for it. I learned just how important a sound mind can be, since when you are attacked you will not be able to efficiently count through every single step in order to flatten an attacker, you need to be able to use moves fluently and in conjunction with another without giving yourself away too quickly.

All in all this course taught me to truly believe in myself and the abilities that I already possess, knowing that I can do what I put my mind to. Rad course was able to help teach me this, and I think this course has really helped to change my life in some ways for the better.


-Ellie Hawthorne

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