Saxophonist astonishes crowd during senior recital

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Rachel Mahoney

On Saturday, Jan. 26 senior Brandon Mock performed his senior recital for Radford University’s College of Visual and Performing Arts. Mock performed numerous classical numbers on the saxophone as well as several selections from the Broadway musical West Side Story.
Mock grew up around music and along with playing the saxophone he can also play the piano and organ. At around nine years old Mock began to play the saxophone with his mother, Laurie Mock. When asked why he chose the saxophone over other instruments he said it was because “my mother played it and I knew she would teach me how to play it better than others.”  Mock played the saxophone throughout school and received numerous honors such as first chair in the All-Virginia Honors Band and saxophonist in the All-Virginia Orchestra. He is also a member of the American Choral Directors Association, the North American Saxophone Alliance and many other organizations.
During his college career Mock has performed the saxophone in alto and soprano under the guidance of one of his primary professors at Radford, Dr. Christopher White, who performed a few movements with Mock Saturday. Mock is currently pursuing a Bachelor ‘sof Music in Music Education degree with a choral/vocal emphasis and certification. After graduating from Radford, Mock hopes to attend graduate school and eventually teach music at the university level.
Mock played to a room full of students, friends and family. Many family friends from his hometown of Wytheville, Va came to show support for him and his family. One group of friends who has known his family for several years had never seen Mock perform like this before were astonished.
“It was fantastic, we are all very proud of him,” said Thatcher Johnson-Welden.
Although Mock does not have a favorite piece of classical music that he likes, he does a favorite within his performance. Mock’s favorite piece that he got to perform on Saturday was a selection from West Side Story called Cha-Cha. He played it wonderfully along with RU students Duston Rakes, Benji Cantrell, his professor Christopher White, and his mother Laurie Mock. Besides being accompanied by a piano player for the other pieces, this was the only part where other performers joined Mock and played the saxophone with him, his mother being the other key player. They have performed together before, but this was the first time she has joined him on the stage at Radford.
By the end of his recital the crowd had given him a standing ovation.
On April 27, 2013 Brandon Mock will be performing another senior recital at Radford, but this time it will be an organ instead of a saxophone.