RUPD anticipates 2013 Quadfest


TeAndrea Billingsley

As you all know, the 2013 annual Quadfest is approaching.  For those of you who don’t know what Quadfest is, it’s basically a gathering of students and people from all over the community who join to celebrate from Thursday night to Sunday morning, the end of school. Officer Shaffer shared the history of Quadfest on how it got started and how it is today.
Quadfest started years ago as a dry campus event sponsored by Radford University with live bands on Moffett Quad. Through growth over the years, Quadfest began to spread through the community and surrounding schools  that led to non Radford students joining into the festivities and with that brought along drinking and more issues.
With more people in attendance, Quadfest introduced more problems that resulted in Radford University’s decided to let Quadfest go.
The students of Radford University decided that they wanted to continue this tradition, they decided to organize their own Quadfest of course not being Radford University’s Quadfest because they didn’t want to support what it had become.
Students organized and spread the word through social media sites, which exposed the event to outside the region. What was once a calm event catered to the students of Radford University, soon turned into binge drinking, house and yard parties.
Officer Shaffer said around this time it had gotten pretty bad; there was an increase in assaults, destruction of property, fights, and a lot of issuing of summons to people. At one point the arrest and summons for the weekend of Quadfest was between 600-700. With so many problems occuring the Radford University Police Department had to come up with tactics to decrease and prevent the these issues from continuing. They decided to pull in more departments such as: Radford Police Department, State Troopers and other following counties including bringing in ABC officers as well, so they could decrease the disturbances and arrest. With the increase in police presents on and around campus the number of arrests, summons, and assaults has decreased in numbers majorly. The tactics that the Radford University Police Department have taken was a great decision. Office Shaffer said that, “ It has helped the crowds are smaller and under control, and people are making better decisions when it comes to the drinking and partying.”
Other tactics that Officer Shaffer and his department do to prevent incoming students or prospective students for preparing for Quadfest, “…they speak with these incoming and prospective students on what Quadfest is and basically trying to educate them in making the right decisions when it comes to underage drinking.”
Quadfest is meant to be a fun time but students should act and drink responsibly.