RU student’s snow days

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Brittany North


There are many different opinions among the Radford student body about the frequent snowy days we see throughout the winter. Some are excited when seeing the icy flakes falling from the sky, and some students dread the walk to class in the bighting cold.

Freshman, Cheyenne Carlile, spent her snow days indoors watching Netflix and hanging out with some close friends, “I watched holiday movies in my dorm. Snow always reminds me of good times with my family. I like to share that feeling with my friends here at Radford too!” While Ms. Carlile spent her snow days snuggled up, some students took the snow as an opportunity for some fun.

Senior, Nick Riles, decided to build an igloo on one of the days it snowed, “The snow was powdery, unfortunately, so it was difficult to build. However, I managed to still make an impressive structure. It did not last long though!” I witnessed the igloo myself and can say that it was quite structurally sound for being made out of snow.

Senior, Jack Tragakis also decided to enjoy the snow and organized a snowball fight with his buddies, “When I was little I would always be the kid to play outside on snow days. Not much has changed since then, so I decided to get a group my friends together and have a full out snowball war. I pegged a lot of my friends that day.” Snowball fights are a classic way to enjoy snow days.

Senior, Kaitlyn Bize, decided to enjoy one of her last snow days in Radford doing many different things. She described her snow days to me, “I could not go anywhere for almost four days because my car was stuck in my driveway. It was an inconvenience, but I did not mind having an excuse to stay home! I spent time with my neighbor’s dog, Apollo, who loved playing in the snow with us. At some point, a snow chunk on my roof over my porch fell on everyone that was standing on the patio!” There are many ways that RU students enjoyed their snow days.

However, the best thing about snow days is the fact that class is canceled. It gives students time to relax, cut loose, or catch up on homework. Snow days will always remind people of careless times when they were children. Times when they did not have to wake up early for school and could aimlessly have fun with their friends and family. It is wonderful to see RU students enjoying snow days like they always have!