RU Police cracking down: Students say RUPD has become stricter on alcohol violations

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Rumors around campus are that police officers have been out more on nights and weekends searching for students to bust. Students have seen what seems like more and more officers out patrolling than in previous semesters.

So far, this semester there have been fourteen conduct referrals for underage possession of alcohol and eight for alcohol violations. There have also been several of underage possession of alcohol arrests, public intoxication arrests, and conduct referrals for possession of alcohol, according to the Radford Police Department’s daily crime and fire log.

These instances have all happened either on campus in dorms or at university owned apartments. RUPD does not track the off-campus arrests or conduct referrals.

Some students say there seem to be more officers out on patrol just on the few weekends that students have been back at school. Many have also said houses that never get interrogated have seen the police at their doorsteps this semester.  Some of those houses have recently been quiet because of the police presence outside, while others continue not worrying about the police.

Walking at night around campus, through light Side, and through dark Side, you will likely see a police officer driving by. Notably, it’s not just Radford University police: the Radford City police have also been out in full force.

A junior who lives on Light Side and occasionally walks to and from campus said she has seen a lot of police officers driving around, but she has not seen anyone getting busted. An anonymous sophomore said he has also noticed a lot more police presence, especially on light side. When asked if he thought there were more officers out than last year he said that there is. He also said it was not just the police driving around; he has seen more people getting busted.

Even with all the police from the first official weekend back at school, students still seem to want to go out but should be careful where they might go, who they are with, and their activities. Looking around campus, you can see that students are still going out, no matter what the level of police presence is.

“I am going to keep going out, no matter how much the law enforcement is out there. I just feel the need to have some extra precautions,” the sophomore says.

Students have been questioning how or if the police presence will change in the next few weeks, wondering if maybe they just have a large number of officers out because everyone is back in Radford. It does not seem like the increased police presence will stop students from making their way off campus to explore what light side and dark side has to offer.