RU Opera Workshop takes the stage in a grand performance!


Radford University boasts extremely driven music students willing to practice hours upon end to produce a product for an audience in hopes of being well received. The passion that fuels these students is a unique desire that is becoming seemingly more and more rare. RU’s opera ensemble, directed by Youngmi Kim, presented a show based on scenes from the internationally-acclaimed opera ‘The Magic Flute’ by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart on Thursday, Nov. 7.

Having rehearsed all semester the students in the ensemble put on a show that was memorable and exciting. Wie, wie, wie? from Act II, scene 5 of the opera was performed by Sara Ramseur, Jesse St. Jean, Rachael Wilkins, Brandon Goss, and Josh Brown. In this scene, the three ladies (played by Ramseru, St. Jean, and Wilkins) are trying to convince Papageno and Tamino (Goss and Brown) to return to the Queen of the Night’s side. Unbeknownst to the three ladies however, the two males have vowed to Sarastro not to speak to women in order to prove that they are worthy of true love. This spectacular quintet showcased not only the melodic phrasings of their singing but also of the preciseness of their choreography and staging.

Let Me Look At You from Little Women was another scene that was performed by Molly Cox, Erin O’Neil, Sarah Albert, and Katie Campbell. In this piece, Jo (played by Katie Campbell) is reflecting on her childhood with her three sisters. She experiences fits of rejection towards the nature of their childhood but eventually finds acceptance in the loving and cherished moments spent with her sister. This quartet was very sweet and emotionally-driven however somewhat eerie in the beginning stages. Jo begins singing in somewhat of a minor key with leaps and descending steps to convey bitterness. As her sisters appear obviously as flashbacks, she moves to a major and more ‘happy’ sounding aura.

The Finale Make Our Garden Grow featured the entire cast of the ensemble and highlighted Zach Helms and Sara Ramseur. Singing about the complexities of their lives and the longing they had to have a simple life and simple family, this finale ended