RU Club Swimming makes a splash at RU

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Larry White

RU competed in Atlanta, and swam in the pool where the 1996 Olympic swimming events were held.

Radford Club Swimming has recently become nationally known. A few weeks ago they traveled to Atlanta, Ga. to compete at the Georgia Tech Rec Center for the East Coast Swim Club Championships against some of the best club teams in the country. This was actually where the 1996 Olympic swim events were held.
RU Club Swimming put on a great performance while the men placed eleventh and the women placed twenty third. Overall as a team, RU placed twentieth out of 50 teams. This is an extraordinary accomplishment to compete at such a high level against great competition such as University of Florida, University of Missouri, Indiana University, UNC Chapel Hill, University of Colorado, University of Illinois, and many more. State, Purdue, and many more. As their season ended on a bright note, a few  players reminisced on how much the experience of traveling to Georgia meant to them: they became closer as a team and friends while trying to accomplish a goal by making RU Club Swimming known nationally.
Junior Apparel Chair and Secretary for Club Swimming Whitley Rogers said, “Georgia was a great team bonding experience. I love how we stuck together and really got to know each other better just from one weekend. The pool in Georgia is such an eye opener and a historical landmark for our favorite sport of swimming.”
Rogers added, “I love that nobody is there to beat anyone but themselves. And it really makes it a better experience for everyone because no one is bitter; they are just there to beat their times and to have a blast, which is what we all end up having. And to top it off, the city of Atlanta is so cool and fun. I can definitely say that this was another successful trip to Georgia and I can’t wait until next year.”
Although the club is relatively new to Radford, certain members are already taking leadership roles in the organization like freshman Kacie Grunau. She has already put herself in place to have a leadership position. Her great success in the classroom, developing great relationships with her teammates, and performing well at meets has put her in position to be Treasurer for the 2012-2013 school year.
She also took the time to share her experiences of being a first year swim club member for RU and how being on the team really help her develop a special bond with each and every one  of her teammates.
There are a few highlights of the RU Club Swim team this year. At the University of Virginia meet, the RU Club Swimming women finished fifth out of 17 teams while the men finished third out of the 17 teams at the meet.
At JMU, they also dominated while the men finished fourth and the women finished third and fourth overall out of 11 teams.
At George Mason University, RU took home the first place trophy as the RU Club Swimming men and women both finished first at the meet.
As a result, RU Club Swimming is definitely on the rise; they have great work ethic, great team chemistry and they are well coached. Everyone plan on tuning into RU Club Swimming next season as they will try to move up in the national ranks.