Romantic comedy spins web of love, lies, competition

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Huyen Trang Nguyen

The actors in “How Do You Know” keep the audience laughing.

“How Do You Know” is a romantic comedy released in December, 2011 by Columbia Pictures. The movie stars Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd, Owen Wilson and Jack Nicholson.

Reese Witherspoon’s character, Lisa, a player on the USA softball team, turns 30 in the movie and is still single. Lisa meets Paul Rudd’s character, George Madison, through a friend, but their new relationship seems to end just as they meet.

Later on in the film, Lisa falls for rich baseball player Matty Reynolds, played by Owen Wilson, and moves into his apartment in D.C.

However, Matty is not the type of boyfriend Lisa is looking for since he is a real playboy who is childish, selfish and never appreciates Lisa’s feelings. All of Lisa’s efforts seem to pull her back to the beginning when she bumps into George in the elevator to Matty’s apartment.

The meeting of two lonely and hopeless people connects them, turns them into friends and develops a feeling beyond friendship.

Yet the story is pushed to its peak when Matty finds himself deeply in love with Lisa and will do anything to win her heart. The question posed is whether Lisa’s heart will guide her to a more fulfilling life with the right person.

Reese Witherspoon plays Lisa, who develops a romantic relationship with two men and has to chose between them.

“How Do You Know” is the journey to redefine love in the world of competition and lies. Everyone is striving to find his or her standing in society that he or she seems to forget about caring for their own feelings.

The movie delivers the message of a persistent search for a soul mate, a trusting shoulder to lean on when someone seeks support.

The movie brings light laughter to the audience from the thoughtless words of Matty, George’s phobia of listening to bad news and many conflicts occurring among the characters.

Directed by James L. Brooks, “How Do You Know” entertains the viewers as well as encourages each person to balance their work and personal life to achieve real and long lasting happiness.