Residence Hall Sustainability Challenge

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Gracie Miller |

This year all the residence halls on campus will be participating in what is called, the Residence Hall Sustainability challenge! The Sustainability and Housing and Residential Life will be hosting this event throughout the Spring semester.

This event is called the Highlander Cup Competition, the purpose of this event is to teach sustainability to students in their Residence Halls. There will be three separate sustainability challenges. Each challenge will last three weeks.

The students living in residence halls will have to compete with other students to see which residence hall is superior at reducing energy use, saving electricity, cutting down on water consumption, and increased recycling based on the previous semester’s baselines.

“The Highlander Cup Sustainability Competition will help students develop an understanding of how their actions affect people and the environment on campus and in Virginia and around the world,” said Sustainability Manager, Josh Nease. Nease wants to challenge students to take action and try to make a positive impact.

There will be prizes for the winners of these challenges. “Last semester we did something like this and the residence hall that won got pizza!” Nease said.

The current schedule for the three sustainability competitions are as followed:
Feb. 5 – 25: RecycleMania
Feb. 26 – March 25: Power Down
March 26 – April 13: Save Water

The Highlander Cup Awards will be presented during our on-campus Earth Week Celebration which is from April 6 – 20.

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