Renovations to Reed and Curie Halls Celebrated


By: Karli Ratliff | 

The completion of renovations to Reed and Curie Halls, home to the Artis College of Science and Technology, was celebrated on Feb. 12. President Brian O. Hemphill and Pat and Nancy Artis shared the honor of cutting the ceremonial ribbon.

The Commonwealth of Virginia invested $33,882,000 into the renovation of Reed and Curie Halls. The investment into the 94,840 square foot space will serve the Commonwealth and beyond, said Orion Rogers, dean of the Artis College of Science and Technology.

In the facilities in Reed and Curie Halls, “students will learn science by doing science,” said Dean Rogers.

Reed Hall was built in 1939 and first renovated from 1993 to 1995. Curie Hall was built in 1971. The most recent renovations that began in 2017 were completed in Jan. 2020. Reed and Curie Halls join the Center for the Sciences building as part of the Integrated Science Complex.

“If the walls of Reed Hall and Curie Hall could talk, they might describe the decades of faculty and student engagement and critical thinking and innovative solutions that lead to creating knowledge through interdisciplinary synergies and collaborations,” said Dean Orion.

The facilities in Reed and Curie Halls include the Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Center, Geohazards and Unmanned Systems Research Center, Geology Maker Lab, Artis Cybersecurity Training and Education Lab (Artis Cyber Lab), Tree Ring Lab, Geographic Information System (GIS) Center, Virtual Reality (VR) Lab, Insectarium and Invertebrate Research Lab, Physics Wind Tunnel, and Inorganic Chemistry Research Lab.

“With the opening of Reed and Curie Halls, our faculty and students are equipped to study science at the atomic level and into the expansive universe,” said Assistant Professor of Chemistry Dr. Sarah Kennedy, “The new facilities, instrumentation, and technology provides the tools necessary for the Artis College faculty to perform cutting edge research.”

The new facilities provide collaborative research spaces and study spaces for faculty and students.

“The sky is truly the limit for what our faculty and staff can do at Radford University,” said Dr. Kennedy.

Dr. and Mrs. Artis have funded the Artis Outstanding Faculty Award for Scholarship and Service, the Artis Outstanding Student Award, the Artis Computing Laboratory for the Biological Science, and the Applied Research in Technology and Information Science (ARTIS) Lab. Also, they have donated $5 million to fund the Artis Distinguished Scholarship Program and name the Artis College of Science and Technology.

“Having both been raised in modest homes where our parents were never hesitant to share what they had with others, we view success as the good that our wealth can do to help build the future for others,” said Mrs. Artis.

The Artis’ donation is currently supporting 15 Artis Scholars and will support more than 25 Artis Scholars next year. Current Artis Scholar, Morgan Wyatt, thanked the administration and the Artis on behalf of the students of the Artis College of Science and Technology.

President Hemphill remarked that the completion of the renovations is “the end of a journey and the beginning of another.”

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Photo Credit: (Karli Ratliff | The Tartan)

Featured Image: President Hemphill cutting the ceremonial ribbon

Karli Ratliff