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In the issue of The Tartan published on Sept. 12, Jennifer Werner voiced her opinion of the Obama administration in the piece, “Has the meaning of ‘Hope’ and ‘Change’ been altered?” While Werner’s writing was commendably passionate, it left me with a few questions.

Most importantly, where did she get her facts? Whenever statistics are involved, it’s helpful to me as a reader to understand the source of the data – particularly when the numbers referenced are as drastic as the ones in the article. Werner also accused the First Lady of fabricating a touching story about her husband in her speech at the Democratic National Convention. Where is her information about the Obama family’s private life coming from?

My other concern is, why does Werner refer to Americans who support President Obama as “liberal cronies”? I applaud her devotion to her convictions, but mounting an attack on those who disagree with her is not an effective way to convince them of her point. America has a great history of bringing together people from diverse backgrounds. Rather than rejecting those with different opinions, we need to remember we all share the same commitment to bettering this country.


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I read with interest the Op-Ed piece from Jennifer Werner in The Tartan last week and found her arguments well written and compelling.  Conservatism is a thinking person’s ideology and sometimes that is hard to translate to college students which why her succinct and well thought out arguments are important and hopefully will be well received by the students at RU.  As an alumnus of RU who stayed in the area to start a business and raise a family I have watched student attitudes and opinions change over the years.

I am not surprised that the charm of President Clinton and the good economic times we experienced in the mid to late 1990’s caused some younger people to question the effectiveness of conservatism.  Certainly the eight years under President Bush where the Country dealt with the consequences of 9-11, terrorism, two wars, and a deep recession didn’t help to rally more young people to the conservative cause but neither did the fact that many elected Republican officials turned away from the basic principles of conservatism which is, in part, why Republicans rightly lost many congressional elections and set the stage for the election of Barack Obama, the man who promised Hope and Change among many, many other things, none of which have yet to come to fruition.

As is often the case the American public got it right in the mid term elections when they sent a clear message about their unhappiness with the direction of the Country by returning

control of Congress to the GOP but more accurately to a lot of upstart Tea Party candidates who simply want to return to a day with less government control, spending, and debt.  And it appears, at least for the time being, that the GOP is going back to the principles of limited government, reduced spending, lower tax rates for all tax payers, and policies that support economic growth.

Mitt Romney is not flashy.  He is not the person I would pick to go out on the Town for beers on the weekend.  He is not a celebrity, but he is a successful businessman and a good family person.  He started and grew a very successful business.  He took over the Olympic Games that were immersed in corruption and debt and turned them into one of the most successful Olympic Games in history.  He won election as a Republican in Massachusetts and worked with the Democrat legislator to improve the State.  Mitt Romney doesn’t necessarily speak well but he is the right man at the right time for the Country.

Contrast Romney’s history of success and personality to President Obama.  Yes Obama is a cool cat who can give one hell of a speech.  He looks good at ball games and gets along well with George Clooney and other celebrities, but his policies have been a disaster for the Country.  Sure he inherited some tough circumstances, but every new President does.  His policies have made things worse.  We are 16 trillion in debt and running an annual trillion dollar deficit with no end in sight.  Gas is at all time high and we have no discernable energy policy to help make this better.  We have chronic high unemployment (really around 11% when you count those who have quit looking for a job).  The dollar is historically week.  We are weak and less respected around the World and our enemy’s know it which is why there is so much current unrest.  Health care costs have actually gone up not down, and thanks to Obama-Care now the government is going to run health care (think of the DMV).  By every measurement President Obama’s policies and priorities have failed and it’s not racist to point these things out.

I realize that I am just an old Townie now despite my desire to relive my glory days at RU and that my thoughts and opinions may not mean much to the Students who populate RU in 2012, but I am pleased to see people like Ms. Werner who are so effectively carrying on the fight for conservatism and real change.  Maybe this election cycle Ms Werner’s arguments and the reality of no jobs, high debt, economic decay, weakness, and the likelihood of moving back in with mom and dad after graduation will force students to reconsider for whom to vote in November.  That is my hope for change.


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