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Radford students truly have it all. We have a beautiful campus, excellent faculty and lucky enough to be surrounded by a charming town which holds multiple hidden wonders.
Various alumni and current RU students contributed to what has now been created to become the “Radford Student Bucket List: Things to do before you Graduate.”
Noms: In the popular movie, “Bridesmaids”, actress Kristen Wiig as Annie Walker said it best while trying (but unsuccessfully achieving) to ride first class: “Help Me I’m Poor.” Every college student is on a strict budget, so when we do get the chance to splurge and go out to eat, we know exactly where to go for the best grub.  Everyone needs to try Mike’s pizza rolls, Sharkey’s crab dip and fried pickles, Quickway (or formally known as Central) Mac and Cheese bites. All of these foods are must haves before your time at RU is through.
On Campus Activities: According to various RU students, campus grounds are wanted to be used for more than just walking to class and playing intramurals on the lawn. The campus has numerous parts and classic landmarks which let student’s minds run wild with rememberable activities. Some students say before they graduate they would love to swim in the fountain, go into to the greenhouse at night, and go streaking across campus. Also it is claimed to be necessary to reside at least one year in Muse. It was said that “you do not get the full RU experience without living there”. While walking around campus, you would have to be blind not to notice the number of different wild life creatures which are constantly scurrying around campus. Some students would like to catch a squirrel before they graduate. With the campus rapidly expanding, in years to come I’m sure this list will continue to grow in the future.
All Around Town: The RU campus is surrounded by a quaint town with miles of trees and waters within the New River. There are a lot of ways to explore the town of Radford. RU students have given their say about the best of the best attractions which need to be completed before your walk up to get your diploma.
On their bucket list, many students would love to stand on the railroad tracks, go hiking at the Cascades and running through Bisset park. Also, especially around this time of year, RU students, past and present, absolutely love the St. Albans Santorium. Martha Michelson, a current junior at Radford says, “I went last Halloween, to their ghost tour they had and was truly SPOOKED! I have crazy stories that I can honestly say I have only experienced, here, in Radford! The place has even been recognized on TV shows for “scariest places to visit”! Anyone and everyone should dare themselves to go, at least once. Just don’t forget to bring a buddy!” With RU being surrounded by a historical town, the ideas for the ultimate bucket list are endless!
With this being your kickstart, I encourage everyone at RU to create their own college bucket list. Time flies too fast, and you would never want to say “what if?” or “I wish I…” Make the most out of your time here at RU and tons of lifelong memories!


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