Radford’s New Services at the Recreation and Wellness Center

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­­Radford University’s Recreation and Wellness Center is working on bigger and better improvements that will be available to all students. In addition to the new fitness center, Radford has invested its money into new fields and new programs that will promote not only fitness, but also an overall healthy lifestyle in the Radford University community.


Last year Radford opened its new Recreation and Wellness Center, which in turn revoked use of the Dedmon Center and Peters Hall from students. While students can no longer access the pool at the Dedmon Center, Radford University has partnered with Christiansburg Aquatic Center to allow for the use of their facilities. The Christiansburg Aquatic Center is now open to Radford University’s students, faculty, and staff. When arriving at the Christiansburg Aquatic Center, students must provide their Radford ID and they will then receive a membership card from the Christiansburg Aquatic Center. Radford has also provided transportation to the Aquatic Center via Route 40 of the Radford Transit.


Another great addition is Radford’s new Student Outdoor Recreation Complex. It features seven acres of fully lit, artificial turf fields and will soon include two sand volleyball courts and a basketball court. The $5 million dollar project will be used for Sports Clubs and open recreational use. The recreational complex will be open for use Mon. through Fri. from 4pm to 8pm; these hours are to be extended until 11pm during intramurals. If students would like to reserve any of the fields, they are expected to contact Kim Aspelmeier at kjaspelme@radford.edu.


In addition to the new facilities Radford University’s Recreation and Wellness Center is adding new programs and resources that will be available to students. One of the new resources includes training students to become personal trainers. There are currently 10 Radford University students that are undergoing training to become trainers and they will be certified to do so by the Spring 2016 term.


Other programs that the Wellness and Recreation Center are beginning to explore include non-credits classes for beginners regarding various physical activities. These classes may include and are not limited to: badminton, ballroom dancing, salsa dancing, tennis, and many more. In addition to the classes that will be offered to Radford University students, there is also hope to implement multisport health camps for the youth in the area. These health camps will allow youth to access our facilities and have activities such as rock climbing.


According to Barry Miller, the director of recreation and wellness, Radford University’s Recreation and Wellness Center “is mirroring health clubs, and providing a healthy out-of-class experience.”


“We will have many programs to match our new facility, giving [Radford University] the position to be competitive with other facilities. We have a big enough space for the approximately 10,000 students at Radford and hope to attract more students.” Says Miller.


Liz Greenlee, the assistant director of recreation-wellness and fitness, arrived from Virginia Tech in July 2015. Her hopes at the Wellness and Recreation Center are “to build diverse programs for everyone to find what they want.” According to Greenlee, about 67% of Radford University’s student body has used the Recreation and Wellness Center and they hope to keep bringing the percentage up.


Miller states, “With the new COBE building, a new science building, the new CHBS building, the new Recreation and Wellness Center, and the new turf fields it’s really a great time to be at Radford University.”


Students can really begin to take advantage of the services offered from the Recreation and Wellness Center. With new facilities, new fields, and excellent programming every student can really find their personal preference for fitness and all at little to no cost for students.