Radford’s Men’s Soccer team WINS!

On Oct. 23rd, Radford’s Men’s Soccer team won against Gardner Webb.

Photo credits to radfordathletics.com

Rosina Andrix ’25 | randrix@radford.edu

On Oct. 23, Radford’s Men’s Soccer team won against Gardner Webb. The men’s soccer team has had a hard time lately with losses and ties but won 3-2 this time.’

The men’s soccer team has a phenomenal goalie who blocked several shots on the goal from the other team. The soccer team also does a great job of communicating with each other when they are out on the field.

Many friends and family were cheering the boys on as they fought for the win. One player, Patrick Siczek, a senior at Radford, even had a group of girls cheering him on. They were enthusiastic when the team won the game.

Parents were very verbal, too, cheering on their sons and encouraging them the whole time.

If you are worried about getting confused during the game, some announcers narrate the players’ scores, names, and numbers as they are switched on and off the field.

The men’s soccer season has begun to wrap up as they’ve started the Big-South Conference. The team plays Longwood at Cupp Stadium on Nov. 4 as the second game of the conference.