Radford’s Got Talent!

3 min read Singing, dancing, and musical prowess headlined Radford’s talent show this week.


By Jeremy Moser | jmoser9@radford.edu

Singing, dancing, and musical prowess headlined Radford’s talent show this week.

Fourteen acts ranging from popular song performances to original music to bombastic dance routines all went head to head in a competition to discover which Radford students have the skills and creativity to come out on top.

N’Taezha Davis, president of R-Space, played the role of master of ceremonies, and her intermediary commentary riled up the audience for each performer. It was her job to make sure every student was confident enough to come out on stage and to be met with a warm and wild welcome.

A good chunk of the acts was made up of one or two people who could either sing, play an instrument, or both, and wanted to display that talent.

Every act was put on stage in front of three faculty judges from various departments. Then they doled out the first, second, and third place trophies at the end of the show.

With an acoustic guitar and a flannel shirt, Bruce Landis walked out on stage, plugged into an amplifier, and sang a song he wrote himself. He sang about the nostalgia of simpler times and love with a girl that wore just as much flannel as he did.

In a very different genre, Maya Baldwin sang a slow, emotional song dedicated to her mother. “Honeybee” by Zee Avi reminds her of her mother, she said. She would always sing it for her.

The feeling behind the song clearly passed on to the audience. Not every act garnered this much reverence, but she made the entire audience fall silent. Baldwin won third place for her performance.

Not all music was guitar, however, as Kaleb Manson owned Preston for a couple of minutes with a hyped up original rap song titled “Revenge.” He tossed T-shirts into the audience, ran around on stage, and even jumped down off stage and got in the judge’s faces. The crowd was set on fire.

Manson has been an artist for three years now and has been “writing little tracks here and there since middle school.”

A very standout performance from Syndey Martin revolved around a rendition of “Grand Piano” by Nicki Minaj. Her voice matched every note almost perfectly. With such a fantastic display of singing, she took second place.

Two of the dancing routines were about as provocative as a school-sponsored event could get. These girls donned skintight outfits and grabbed and gestured all sorts of hoots and hollers out of the audience.

One such dance routine had, of all things, a circus motif. Dance group Exclusive Divisions, complete with their own eclectic dance mix, dressed up as lions, clowns, and ringleaders (oh my) in an amazingly bizarre display of choreography that took first place.

Exclusive Divisions, originating from Roanoke, now has a Radford group and has been dancing here for almost a year.

This performance was a departure from what they usually do. According to their captain, Cory Lewis, this show was “out of the box” for them. It provided an opportunity for the dancers to let loose and show off their true nature.

One such dancer, Janiekqua Ashton, who still had her clown make-up on after the show, said “We’re goofy, we like to have fun. It was really fun and hyper and energetic.”

Naturally, the singing, dancing, and more artsy performances attracted the most attention, but there were a few other kinds of acts.

Drew Dickerson decided to show off his Harry Potter fanaticism by reciting a scene from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, complete with a British accent.

Marcus Reed did some stand-up comedy that pulled quite a few chuckles from the crowd.

Overall, the whole show was a good time, and everyone did a great job.

Radford has some serious talent to offer, and it is possible that this is just one of several stepping stones in a blossoming career surrounding their skills.

Photo Credit: (R-SPaCE)