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Radford University’s first fall break


Tallie Dameron

Radford University offered the students a fall break this year for the first time. The talk about fall break has been going on for years and for the first time this semester the students got a Friday off from their classes. Just one day off for fall break had some students questioning if it was long enough or even a break at all. Junior Sam Smith said, “I was excited to find out we were getting a fall break, but I expected it to be longer I think.” The dorms stayed open in case underclassmen couldn’t make it home, but it seems that many students took advantage of the break and left. As I was walking on campus this weekend, it felt quiet and empty.

For the students that live in or near Virginia, the break was long enough for them to make the drive home. As for many students who live out of state, the break was too short for them to make their way to their hometowns. Junior Ruthy Rodriguez came to Radford all the way from California and was sad she couldn’t make it back. “I would have loved to go back to California, but I felt like it wasn’t worth it to fly home just for the weekend,” Rodriguez explained. Although she didn’t go to California, Rodriguez still left to visit James Madison University for the weekend because all of her close friends left Radford for the break.

With midterms being around this time, most students have been busy with work and craving a break from their classes. In the past the first break of the year wasn’t until Thanksgiving and waiting until November to go home can be stressful for students.

“Fall break is a nice little tease before Thanksgiving break to give us a day off to go home and get our lives together mid-semester. It would be nice also to have Monday off though so we could get a solid four days at home,” Kelley Cuthbert, senior at Radford, said. Cuthbert went back to Northern Virginia for the break to see her family and get a small break from Radford. She never has Friday classes, so the break was a typical weekend for her, but since most of her friends left town, she decided it was the perfect weekend to head home also.

Overall, it seems students appreciated the shortfall break they were given. It is a stressful time of year for college students and a great time to make a trip home. When asked, most students just wish the break was longer. It may not be fair only to have a one-day break when some students live too far to go home for a weekend, and others don’t have classes on Friday’s anyways.

Since this is the first year Radford University has offered students a fall break, there could be some changes to it in the next few years. But for now, let’s appreciate the Friday we had off and pushed through until our next break – Thanksgiving.



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