Radford University To Test Emergency Alert System Oct. 16

2 min read Radford University to Test Emergency Alert System on October 16, 2020. Download the new Rave Guardian app.

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By Abigail Morin | amorin1@radford.edu

Radford University will test its emergency notification system, Radford Alert, Oct. 16. between 9 a.m. and 4 p.m.

The university sent out an email to students, faculty, and staff Oct. 9 to alert residents of the scheduled testing.

All of Radford’s students, faculty, and staff have automatic enrollment in the Radford Alert system. Notifications are received through cell phone calls and messages, as well as through emails.

In addition to electronic notifications, they will issue the alert through building speakers and the outdoor siren system.

Radford University urges individuals to check their personal contact information in the Radford portal and make sure it is up to date.

Radford visitors and family members can opt-in to receive SMS messaging for emergency alerts.

Radford visitors and family members can opt-in to receive SMS messaging for emergency alerts. To opt-in for alerts, text RadfordFamily to 226787.

The university also encourages students, faculty, and staff to download the Rave Guardian app. It is free and available on Google Play and the App Store. This app replaces the previously used LiveSafe app.

To access Rave Guardian, download the app and put in a valid email and phone number. Through the Rave Guardian app, users will have access to multiple safety features. 

The app includes an inbox that works based on the user’s location without a cellphone signal and a call directory with significant university phone numbers. There is also a location timer that tracks the user’s location to ensure safety, online resources, a way to report anonymous tips to the police, and buttons that place calls to 911 or RUPD.

In an emergency, Radford University urges individuals to take responsibility for their safety and look out for the university’s information.

The Office of Emergency Management is available at 540-831-6696 for additional information or questions.