Radford University offers students alternative spring break

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Peter Mason

Radford University’s 2012 spring break will be the first week of March; Sunday, March 4- Saturday, March 10. Many students plan on going home to visit their families. Some plan on going off to places like the beach, amusement parks and other fun destinations. There are students who plan on staying in Radford to work and make money without having to worry about classes.

However, there are students who might not have plans for the break at all. RU has organized a couple of events for those students if they want to have something to do with the week off.

There are two events currently being planned by the university, and the idea is to give students a chance to “meet other RU students, participate in something meaningful and make a difference and gain real world experience,” according to an email sent out by volunteer@radford.edu. In order to participate, students were required to fill out an application that was to be turned in by Friday, Feb. 17.

The first of these two events, which is planned for March 4-10, consists of a trip to a rural community, and is being planned by Psychology major Haley Cooper. During this trip, students are given the chance to help build and repair homes, and community facilities, they also will be working on re-building parks and playgrounds and anything the community needs help with.

Another thing about this trip is that students will be able to learn about the people and their culture, and some of the issues about the environment and challenges in rural South Carolina. The fee for this trip for students who decided to go was $330, and the cost for transportation was extra. Cooper said in the email that she hoped the cost wouldn’t be an issue, and that anyone could contact her if it would be.

The other event planned is the Alternative Spring Break, organized by Interdisciplinary Studies Major Astin A. Altenburg.It’s a trip to a rural community in Southwest Virginia, scheduled from March 4-9. In this trip, students will be working with an organization called Mountain Justice, to “meet and support the people working to build a better future for Appalachia,” according to Altenburg.

Students on this trip will be involved in site tours and community service projects, and they’ll learn about sustainable living and Appalachian culture. Also on this trip, students will be able to have fun and go hiking. The fee for this trip was $250 and food, shelter, as well as, special equipment will be provided.
Participating in these two events not only will be considerably fun and interesting for students who don’t have any plans for the break to do, but also will be something that can be put on a resume. It’s volunteer work that students can say they participated in and gained experience from.