Radford University and Salem High School’s Symphonic Band Concert


By Michael Aaron Coopersmith | mcoopersmith@radford.edu

The University’s Symphonic Band shared its spotlight with Salem high school’s band. At the beginning of the concert, the audience was met with the Chamber Winds honor’s flute quintet and Radford’s own Saxophone quartet to which they played Arabesque I, sonatina, and little fugue in G minor. Thirty minutes into the concert, they had changed into Salem’s portion of the concert.

With their grand size, the audience would feel surrounded by the eruption of music that came out of them. Conducting them was John Wright, the director of bands at Salem high school; who has conducted a symphonic band, two concert bands, jazz bands, a percussion ensemble, indoor percussion, and Salem’s marching band. His experience certainly does show in what was produced during the concert, giving the audience something to enjoy in a multitude of ways.

Salem High school played Exaltation, Iron and Ice, King Cotton March, and Four (a remix of Beethoven). Each tune carried the audience in such a way that would satisfy any critic.

The other half of the concert included Radford University’s Symphonic Band which was conducted by three people; Dr. Wayne Gallops, Kathryn Elswick, Lauren Milburn. Each conductor did a tremendous job with leading the beautiful pieces; A sacred suite, Trail of tears, Night Dances, and Amparito Roca.

Each piece produced a wonderful atmosphere around the audience to which one was enraptured in for the next hour of the concert. Each member of the Symphonic band reached their potential and beyond it, with the discipline, they showed while playing.

At the end of the concert, John Wright leads a combined band for the piece; Minimalist Dances. It was an extravagant piece to end the concert. Each band played with great power and one could see the prowess of the conductors and band members with each note that was produced by them.