Radford University Students Celebrate Halloween

Students celebrated Halloween dressed up throughout Radford.

Kaitlyn Stephens ’22 | kstephens15@radford.edu

Radford was full of witches, superheroes and everything in between this Halloween.

Many Radford students celebrated this Halloween by getting dressed up and going to local restaurants, like Sharkey’s and BT’s.

Senior Jesse Burdette, said “It was so fun to see all the costumes students were wearing. I got to meet a lot of students I never would have.”

1. These Radford University students were dressed as Bonnie and Clyde, and Woody of course.

2. These students posed for a picture holding a copy of the newspaper!

3. A hippie and “drunk Ross” from Friends.

4. These girls celebrated Halloween dressed as a fairy and “purgers.”

5. This student was dressed as a baseball player.

6. Bob the Builder, can he fix it?

7. A toy alien from Toy Story and Pennywise.

8. These students went out as Tinkerbell and a maid.

9. These girls celebrated at Sharkey’s.

10. These students dressed as an old couple, winning a gift card from Sharkey’s.

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