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Radford Student Outed on Social Media

By: Dylan Lepore |

WARNING: Content may be sensitive for some readers

Update (Aug 3, 2018): The Tartan got in touch with Joe Carpenter, Vice President for University Relations and Chief Communications Officer, who provided an official list of all current (Spring 2018) Delta Chi members at Radford. The list did not include Max Guidry’s name.

Click here for a PDF link of the list.

Update (Aug 2, 2018): McKay communicated with The Tartan over Twitter believing that Guirdy is, in fact, a member of the Delta Chi of Radford because of the Delta Chi symbols on his shirt in one of the videos below, his Instagram bio had the Delta Chi symbols, and Guidry had sent a text message to Toland saying, “U got me kicked out of my Greek permanently.”

Update (Aug 1, 2018): Andrew Crapo, president of Delta Chi at Radford, contacted The Tartan to claim that ” … Max Guidry is not a member of our fraternity and never has been. We do not support these actions and express our concern by those affected.”

On Twitter Monday, July 23, a video was posted of Radford student, Max Guidry, shouting at his girlfriend, Victoria Toland. Toland’s friend, Maddie McKay, was fed up with Guidry’s alleged abuse toward Toland and took to social media to try and find social justice.

Domestic violence is often a hidden issue that has now touched Radford’s campus. In a report from 2007 by the National Coalition Against Domestic Violence, they state, “21% of college students report having experienced dating violence by a current partner. 32% experienced dating violence by a previous partner.”

From Break the Cycle, Inc. in 2005 they said, “Nearly one-third of college students report having physically assaulted a dating partner in the previous 12 months.”

On July 23, 2018, Maddie McKay posted a series of Tweets about alleged abuse of her friend saying, “I already tried handling this issue by emailing the president of [The Inter-Fraternity Council, Matthew Anderson] at Radford. While some half-assed sentiments were given, NOTHING was done. They did however worriedly ask me if these images were shared anywhere else. Since the school and fraternity have taken no action, I’ve come to social media.”

Anderson sent an email back to McKay June 7, 2018, three days after receiving it. He apologizes to the lateness because of reception issues. Anderson says. “All of this is very disturbing, and I will do what I can on my part to help. I do not believe the Delta Chi chapter at Radford embodies or encourages the disturbing actions and dialogue I have seen in your email. Furthermore, I do not believe that individual is representative of the rest of his chapter.”

Anderson continues in the email to McKay by stating that he will reach out to the council to remedy the situation and then asks if Toland is okay and who else has seen these videos and messages, as McKay mentions before.

The Tartan got in touch with Anderson for a follow-up statement, he said, “There is nothing substantial the IFC can do about the situation. All of the information Ms. McKay sent me was forwarded to the Dean of Students office where I believe there is currently an ongoing investigation.”

[The Tartan reached out to the Dean of Students office for questioning, they advised we talk to Radford Relations Sherry Wallace.]

McKay goes on to say, “I’ve called the [Director of Fraternity & Sorority Life] at RU, Kate Steiner, and she literally just said ‘thanks, I’ll pass this to our Title IX guy who handles this’ and then hung up.”

From the American Civil Liberties Union, “Under Title IX, is discrimination on the basis of sex can include sexual harassment, rape, and sexual assault. A college or university that receives federal funds may be held legally responsible when it knows about and ignores sexual harassment or assault in its programs or activities.”

[In an effort to contact Steiner she did not comment on the situation.]

With over 2 Billion monthly visitors on Facebook and over 330 million on Twitter, social media has now turned into a venue that can catch people’s attention. After seeing events unfold at JMU involving Caroline Whitlow where her alleged attacker was found “not responsible”, she, like McKay, also turned to social media to find social justice.

The Tartan contacted Radford Relations who said, “The university statement at this time is Radford University takes all threats, including domestic and dating violence very seriously. The university is looking into these allegations. Any student in violation of the student conduct code will be held accountable. We also encourage all individuals, both affiliated and not affiliated with the university, to consider reporting allegations of violence and abuse to their local law enforcement agencies and survivor support organizations.”

The Tartan made contact with McKay over twitter for questioning. She provided statements, screenshots, emails, and videos that McKay says Toland allegedly backs up. “Everything that I’ve sent you, she has been helping me put together and has been confirming all the information,” said McKay. “I’ve sent her screenshots of our conversation just to make sure she’s okay with everything and everything is correct all along the way.”

In a statement from Toland, she said, “I don’t wish to comment at this time. I want it to be published. I want [Guidry] to realize he needs help.”

This screenshot was taken from Mckay’s phone having a conversion with Toland.

Toland is a Kingsley Model in the District of Columbia who met Guidry through social media sometime in the beginning of last summer. Guidry is a Radford senior majoring in business and marketing who is also a member of Radford’s Delta Chi chapter.

McKay tells her story:

Victoria Toland and Max Guidry started dating July 4, 2017, after talking on social media for a while. McKay says that Guidry’s abusive behavior began escalating around Halloween, but more specifically at a Halloween party where he allegedly broke Toland’s phone and shoved her to the ground.

(left to right) Max Guidry and Victoria Toland. At Toland’s house, an image captured by her dad’s security cameras.

The picture above, McKay says, was during Thanksgiving at Toland’s house where her dad had installed cameras and captured Guidry preparing to hit her. McKay also mentions that’s just one of the countless arguments that escalated.

“They would get into arguments over the phone every time I would hang out with Victoria,” says McKay. “It was more of Max getting angry over her not being at her house or over her modeling pictures and Victoria being upset by the things he was saying and her trying to calm him down.”

I asked McKay if Max Guidry approved of Toland becoming a model and she said, “He’s a complete misogynist, he would log in to her Instagram and delete her posts, call her a whore and say he wanted to kill himself because she models.”

She goes on to say that Toland and Guidry broke up in December 2017 but remained in contact.

The video’s above (which have gained over 15,000 views) take place Feb 23, 2018, at Radford’s Delta Chi fraternity house, says McKay. “In one video, Max is screaming about his weed that he was rolling ‘for the boys’ falling on the floor … [Victoria] was in Radford visiting Max for her birthday weekend. She accidentally spilled his weed getting on to the bed and couch, and he got outraged and violent,” said McKay.

The second half of the video you can see Toland and what McKay says, “she is seen with a severely busted upper lip from Max hitting her.” Max is also seen wearing a shirt with his fraternity letters on it in the second video when Guidry takes Toland’s phone. McKay said, “many of his [fraternity] brothers witnessed his abuse towards her and did nothing.”

Radford Delta Chi posted this on Twitter, “In light of recent situations the Radford University chapter of Delta Chi would like to express our sympathy and concern for those affected by domestic abuse. We do not condone domestic abuse, and these actions do not reflect the values we uphold as a chapter of a Delta Chi.”

While Toland was in D.C. and Guidry was in Radford, Guidry would allegedly track her location and call her threatening her, says McKay.

Some of Guidry’s and Toland’s shared text messages are below which McKay says, “[were] around the first few weeks in June [of 2018].”

The following images are from Toland’s phone texting to Guidry.

Guidry also has had past incidents with the law before. In 2015 in Sterling, VA he was charged with a Class 6 Felony of Unauthorized Use of Vehicle Larceny, and a Misdemeanor for Trespassing which he made bail in both cases. In April of this year at Radford, he was charged with a Class 4 Misdemeanor of Public Swearing and Intoxication which he was released on recognizance.

After Maddie McKay posted the video’s online she said that three other women who previously dated Guidry have come out to Toland about how he abused them as well.

Kelly Hedquist is one of those women, saying on Facebook, “This is the man that tore my life upside down and dragged me through hell for years! He abused me and treated me like a piece of trash, just like [Victoria].” Hedquist continues stating, “All the pain and hurt is finally being seen, and no more women have to be afraid! Shout out to Victoria for coming forward and being braver than I ever was.”

Toland’s and Guidry’s Facebook posts:

On July 23, 2018,Toland had also posted the same image and videos online as McKay, saying, “I tried so hard to not post these but this man is a lying, manipulative drug addict and abuser and the world needs to see that is what they are like without help. This is my ex-boyfriend. This is why we need to help addicts.”

Before Guidry replied to Toland’s post, she shared these texts messages from Guidry:

Guidry said, “This screenshot [the one at Toland’s house] is not what it appears to be. It is 100% false, fabricated photograph. A troubled young woman heartbroken from a recent break-up deciding to manipulate a negative scenario via social media. The smart viewers will assess the situation and not believe everything they stumble upon on the internet. The many people that do know who I am, know ON GOD, that I would never lay a hand on a woman, and know for an absolute fact that it is complete and utter misinformation. For those of you that perhaps lack the ability to weigh out fact from fiction, I assure you. You are being manipulated by a girl with a vendetta.”

On July 24, 2018, around 5 p.m. Guidry posted on his Facebook page saying, “In recent days, shameful videos of my behavior have come to light. In reaction to the situation, I tried to defend myself instead of looking at the problem. I want to make one thing clear: no woman deserves to be yelled at or threatened by a man. I apologize for my behavior as well as for suggesting anything other than my regret. I still have so much to learn. After talking with Victoria and my family, I’ve agreed to meet with a counselor to start working on my anger issues. I am committed to being part of the solution. While this brief apology can’t erase the pain, I hope that the women in my life keep holding me accountable and teaching me and helping me learn how to be a better person.”


Ana Martines on Facebook got ahold of a screenshot of one of Toland’s and Guidry’s text messages as well:

Willèrme Cyubahiro, said to be a friend of Guidry, contacted Toland and posted these text messages:

The message end’s with Toland saying, “It’s ok he’ll be dead within a few …”

[The Tartan has attempted to make contact with Guidry three time’s over the past seven days with no response.]

In a recent Facebook post by Toland on July 25, 2018, she reposts the video of the incident during Thanksgiving stating, “I’m reposting this Bc my dumbass deleted it because I felt bad but no. I didn’t do anything wrong, so here we go again.”

[Video below may not work on some mobile devices, recommend switching to desktop mode on your mobile device.]

I’m reposting this Bc my dumbass deleted it because I felt bad but no. I didn’t do anything wrong so here we go again

Posted by Victoria Toland on Wednesday, July 25, 2018

In Toland’s original post on July 23, 2018, she replied to Catherine Rose stating, “I didn’t have the strength to leave I thought I did and then came right back to find out he was fucking me and another girl.”

There are many other reasons but “leaving is often the most dangerous time for a victim of abuse because abuse is about power and control. When a victim leaves, they are taking control and threatening the abusive partner’s power, which could cause the abusive partner to retaliate in very destructive ways,” says The National Domestic Violence Hotline.

If you or a person you know believes they have experienced domestic violence in their relationship speak up and call The National Domestic Violence Hotline at 1-800-799-SAFE (7233). On campus, help can be reached here at the Substance Abuse and Violence Educations Support office (SAVES), call 540-831-5709 or email at

[The Tartan will continue to work on this story as it develops.]