Radford Softball Continues Win Streak in Norfolk


By: Lilly Demastus | ldemastus@radford.edu

Radford University softball continued their winning streak this week in Norfolk. It was scheduled to be a doubleheader, but the second game against the Spartans was canceled.

The top of the first inning looked promising for the Highlanders with a batter getting on base, but the inning ended with a double play. However, that did not get them down. The team came back with a double play of their own and brought them in for a second at-bat.

At the top of the second, senior, Sofia Tapia #13, got the inning started with a double to right field. She then scored the first point of the game on errors made by Norfolk.

At this point in the inning, Norfolk stepped up the pitching and struck out three batters to end the inning.

At the bottom of the second inning, Radford pitching let three hits slip in, costing them two runs, but they came back with two strikeouts. Radford capitalized on the two errors made and was able to score two runs.

Radford’s defense was on fire at the bottom of the third when defensive plays made all three outs.

The fourth inning flew by with only one hit on both sides.

At the top of the fifth, Junior, Talia Douglas, hit a double to left field.

Following this up were several hits, and Radford increased their lead. The sixth inning was a tight game with no hits, runs or errors for both teams.

Radford ended the sixth inning and came out on top of Norfolk 5-3 in a closely fought game.

Radford will next play Virginia Tech at home on Wednesday, Feb. 26.

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Photo Credit: (Radford University Athletics)

Featured Image: Talia Douglas